My mother grew up on the farm in the old days and had a few staples around the house that became a panacea.

Chicken soup. It was good for almost anything that made you sick! Now, I’m not really sure of the actual medicinal value, but I do know this: Mom made a damn pot of chicken soup so it sure didn’t hurt.

Then there was Vicks Vapo-Rub. It didn’t matter what the medical illness was, Vicks would help. How many times have I crawled under the covers with Vicks under my nose or on my chest? I’m not sure, but I bet the neighbors half a mile down the gravel road could smell it.

And then when we went on a long road trip there was 7-Up. Why 7-Up? Well, not exactly what could be called a “home remedy”, it was used for a car sickness. Did it really work? Again, I’m not entirely sure, but it tasted good.

Probably every family had a contact point for a home remedy. Many were just wise stories, but there are many things in the kitchen that actually work. put together a bunch of things you have in your closet that can help with anything from a runny nose to rough sandpaper heels!

10 Home Remedies In Your Kitchen That Really Work

The next time you go to the grocery store, you may be able to pick up some of these items. It could be cheaper than a trip to see the doc. Oh … and please keep the garlic in a zip lock bag.