1000 pound sisters star Chris Combs This stole the hearts of the fans and they rooted him on his weight loss journey. Now they want to know what Chris’s transformation looks like.

1000 pound sisters: Chris Combs joins in

Chris Combs, the personality of the 1000 pound sisters, has accompanied his sisters Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton on their weight loss journey. After seeing what gastric bypass did for Amy, he really hopes that with it he can lose too. Chris is around 400 pounds and his doctor says he only needs to lose 15 pounds to qualify for the surgery.

Chris says staying away from junk food is difficult considering he works as a fast food restaurant manager. However, he is determined to follow a strict diet. He even offers to help Tammy at the same time. With the in-it-together technique, he hopes they’ll lose 600 pounds together. Tammy now weighs about 665. He wants to make sure he stops her from getting so tall that she becomes immobile.

Who this family man?

1000 pound sisters siblings Chris Combs piked quickly The interest of the fans, many of whom say it’s not bad for the eyes. An infectious laugh can go a very long way, especially when the man who has the laugh is taken away. Chris is married to his wife, whom he loves dearly and shows off as much as possible. Even when women reach for him and declare their love, he only has eyes for one woman.

Chris is also a father. He keeps his daughter Emily Combs close and just a phone call away. He says that since his daughter is also overweight, he wants to show her how easy it is to change your life before you have to have gastric bypass surgery. Being the grill king of the family doesn’t help if all he can do is chicken, but he enjoys doing it. Just to prove he can.

1000 pound sisters: Chris Combs

1000 Pound Sisters: Chris Combs – Before and After

Chris Combs from 1000 Pound Sisters is a big one again Man at 400 pounds. He has done all the exercises and diets he can to qualify for surgery. Now that Chris is well on his way to turning around 375, fans are wondering what he looks like. The answer is good. In no time he will have lost all his weight.

When he gets the surgery, he’ll be the second sibling to get it. He will also be the second sibling that Tammy leaves behind, leaving her alone. Fans love him and hope he’ll just be around long enough to enjoy the rest of his daughter’s life.

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