High-intensity interval training or HIIT workouts are best when you want to lose weight, build muscle, stay fit, or increase general endurance, mobility and muscle strength. It includes cardiovascular exercises in short alternation periods and paired with short intervals of active rest.

HIIT workouts are characterized by a short but intense burst of physical activity that burns more fat in less time. These exercises are not for the faint of heart as they keep your heart rate high. Therefore, extreme caution and proper guidance must be used to avoid health problems.

This is where the Keelo comes in. This fitness app is aimed at those who want to improve their strength, endurance and endurance. It offers you over 90 quick and effective full-body training units in which strength, cardio and fitness are combined in one. These movements improve your body’s cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems.

The exercises usually last between seven and twenty minutes. It promises to produce results if followed religiously on a schedule and done three times a week.

The Keelo offers a complete program for beginners and experts, plus instructions from body weight to fitness equipment (dumbbells, barbells, and more). You can tick unavailable devices and adjust the training accordingly.

This app contains videos to keep the instructions simple and easy to understand. It also keeps track of the areas you’ve trained, counts calories burned, and compares your metrics with data to motivate you to beat your previous score.

The Keelo can be used for a simple HIIT workout with jumping jacks, mountaineers and jump squats for free. However, with a premium subscription of $ 12.99 per month, you can unlock additional features like chat coaching and a personalized strength and conditioning program with warm up and cool down.