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Home isolation and the shutdown of many hospitality establishments in efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in a decline in consumers who do not eat at home and a growing tendency to cook more at home. While some outlets have remained open to takeaway services, negative publicity about the possible spread of COVID-19 by delivery agents has led consumers to remain cautious about food service options.

Digestive Remedies in India report provides a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at the national level. It has the latest retail data for the 2015-2019 period that will help you identify the sectors of growth. Forecasts through 2024 illustrate how the market will change.

Product coverage: Diarrhea medication, IBS treatments, indigestion and heartburn remedies, laxatives, motion sickness remedies, indigestion remedies in children.

Data coverage: Market sizes (historical and forecast), company shares, brand shares and sales data.

Why Buy This Report?

  • Get a detailed picture of the Digestive Aids Market.

  • Find growth sectors and identify factors driving change.

  • Understand the competitive landscape, the key players in the market and the leading brands.

  • Use five-year projections to assess how the market is likely to perform.

Main topics covered:


2. IMPACT 2020

  • Lack of food affects sales, but irregular lockout habits create demand

  • Travel restrictions are eroding demand for motion sickness remedies

  • Executives adapt marketing to lockdown


  • Holistic approaches threaten OTC digestives, but there are options for herbal / traditional products

  • The Vocal for Local campaign offers opportunities for domestic businesses

  • Returning to a hectic lifestyle has the potential to fuel growth


  • Table 1 Digestive Sales by Category: Value 2015-2020

  • Table 2 Digestive Sales by Category:% Added Value 2015-2020

  • Table 3 NBO company shares in digestive products:% value 2016-2020

  • Table 4 LBN brand shares of digestive products:% value 2017-2020

  • Table 5 Forecast sales of digestive products by category: value 2020-2025

  • Table 6 Projected Digestive Sales by Category:% Growth in Value 2020-2025


  • Effects of COVID-19 on consumer health

  • Impact of the COVID-19 country

  • Company response

  • Retail layer

  • What’s next for consumer health?


  • Table 7 Consumer spending on health goods and medical services: 2015-2020 value

  • Table 8 Life expectancy at birth 2015-2020


  • Table 9 Consumer Health Sales by Category: Value 2015-2020

  • Table 10 Consumer Health Sales by Category:% Value Growth 2015-2020

  • Table 11 NBO company shares in Consumer Health:% value 2016-2020

  • Table 12 LBN brand shares of consumer health:% value 2017-2020

  • Table 13 Distribution of consumer health by format:% value 2015-2020

  • Table 14 Distribution of consumer health by format and category:% value 2020

  • Table 15 Projected Consumer Health Sales by Category: Value 2020-2025

  • Table 16 Projected Consumer Health Sales by Category:% Growth in Value 2020-2025


  • OTC registration and classification

  • Registration and classification of vitamins and dietary supplements

  • Self-medication / self-care and preventive medicine

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