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With the Covid-19 disaster, many people in India took their health seriously and focused on building their immunity. Exercising at home during lockdown is becoming mandatory for fitness enthusiasts and they have started buying home equipment to help maintain their bodies. In the past year, the demand for indoor equipment has increased as it is a popular piece of equipment in many home gyms.

However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the right tool / equipment can be a challenge. An uncomfortable bike can affect your performance and shape while cycling. Here are some options you can choose for your home: –

Watt bike

Wattbike is a universal solution for everyone, from novice cyclists and gym users to experienced national coaches and top performers who are looking for the winning edge. It’s the perfect exercise bike. Incredibly versatile, they are just as at home on the rugby pitch as they are on the floor or in the studio. It’s a specialized bike from the UK that can work on both your fitness and sports training to show the best version of you. The smartest indoor bike in the world, already used by some major athletes and institutions. It has laudable features like accurate data, real ride feel technology, polar view, handlebar height, etc. Its unique technology replicates the drag and ride feel on the road, providing the most authentic ride experience there is. This means that all the effort you put in indoors is easily carried over to the street

Flex bike

The Flexbike is a Bluetooth-enabled Smartbike. It connects to the Flexnest app which allows users to choose between 3 types of bike training such as Quick, Virtual & Class Ride. The main features of this bike are: bluetooth enabled, on-demand courses, virtual videos, compete with the community, expert instructors, 1 year free membership and much more.

PowerMax BS -130

This bike has all the essentials for a fantastic bike workout and everything fitness enthusiasts could want at home. It has never been so easy, convenient and fun to work out from the comfort of your home! The fully adjustable handlebar and high density padded seat provide a fully customizable experience for the ultimate user experience and compatibility.

Joroto Indoor Cycle

It is a professional exercise bike for home cardio gyms. . It’s a good choice for a stationary bike. It has many functions such as – It is fully adjustable – With 2-way adjustable handlebars and 4-way adjustable seat, this indoor cycling bike is suitable for most users with different body sizes. With a convenient resistance adjustable button you can adjust the intensity of your workout, it is perfect for any skill level of any user Easy to read digital monitor to keep track of workout data like exercise time, speed, RPM, distance and calories burned; With the 10 “large tablet support, you can place your tablet on the bike to see bike courses; two transport wheels for easy movement and interchangeable pedals.

Lifelong FitPro Plus Airbike

The lifelong FitPro plus black steel Airbike training device with movable handles and back support has an adjustable seat height and a foot locking pedal that makes your training stress-free. It has a digital display that shows your exercise time, revolutions per minute and calories burned. It has a height, length and weight of 61.5 cm, 91 cm and 17 kg, respectively. It has a width of 18.5 cm. It is guaranteed for 1 year parts and manufacturing defects.