With the pandemic still big, eating healthy, exercise, and sleeping well can help us boost our immunity. However, since everything around us collapses, it cannot be denied that it is extremely difficult for us every day at work. In such a scenario, exertion can sometimes lead to colds. While medications help us, it’s also important to include some natural foods in our diet to better fight colds. Although it only takes seven days to get rid of colds with or without medication, the persistent sneezing, sore throat, stuffy nose, heavy head, dizziness, and stuffy ears certainly take a toll on us. Here’s a look at some home remedies for colds that can help you feel better.

1. ginger tea:: Nothing makes us easier than a hot, steaming and energizing ginger tea! Masala tea or ginger tea is a great way to open up a sore throat. The ginger reduces inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the nasal passages and sinuses, and this inflammation is a major contributor to the build-up of pressure and congestion, which helps open the blockage. You can also add freshly grated ginger to your chai to keep you feeling refreshed.

2. Stay hydrated: One of the most important things to remember is that if you have a cold, you need to stay hydrated. Water, juice, clear soup or warm lemon water with a little honey and ginger loosen blockages and prevent dehydration. Also, avoid alcohol, coffee, and carbonated drinks, which can make dehydration worse.

3. Hot steam: A hot steam with a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil, or a combination of the two, will not only open up your stuffy nose, it will also give your face the much-needed facial steam. Hold your head over a pot of boiling water with a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil and slowly breathe through your nose while holding your face down and covering it with a thick towel. Danger; Don’t let the heat burn your nose.

4. Gargle with warm water: Gargle every few hours with warm water that contains salt. It moisturizes your sore throat and scratches your throat, bringing temporary relief. You can also try gargling tea or honey in warm water to calm it down.

5. Vitamin C: Include plenty of fruits and vegetables with vitamin C as they play an important role, especially in fighting the virus. Lemon water, oranges, grapefruits, leafy greens, peppers, and other fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin C. Adding fresh lemon juice to hot tea with honey will help reduce mucus. Drinking hot lemonade also helps.