Here we are with a few natural ingredients suggested by medical experts to help control platelet loss and dengue recovery. Scroll down to read more

Updated: Wed., Sep. 15 2021 12:48 PM

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle desk: The onset of monsoons brings a wide variety of infections and health conditions, particularly dengue. The risk of exposure to multiple viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other infections is twice as high during the monsoons as any other time of the year.

The high moisture content of the air and the accumulation of water allow harmful microorganisms to thrive and lead to a number of health ailments. Usually, the most common monsoons go undetected until a major symptom or impact on a person’s health occurs. And with the rising rate of dengue fever right now is a big cause for concern.

However, early diagnosis and some preventive and sanitary measures can keep you safe this season. But once you contracted the infection and are under treatment, add these home remedies to your daily routine to get rid of dengue fever.

Yes, here we are with a few natural ingredients to help control platelet loss and recovery from dengue.

Giloy herb

This is helpful in building the immune system, the Giloy stem marks an instant recovery if consumed frequently during the fever. Boil two or three giloy stalks for ten minutes and serve the patient for better immunity.

Papaya leaves

The budding leaves of the papaya tree cure dengue fever and help remove excess toxins from the body. Ingesting its juice from crushed leaves can help increase platelet counts.


Guava is loaded with vitamin C, which helps boost your immunity. You can drink guava straight away or in juice form twice a day to help you recover from dengue.

Fenugreek leaves

Fenugreek leaves help relieve the patient’s pain and contribute to a good night’s sleep. It lowers the fever and stabilizes the patient’s blood pressure and heartbeat.


The herb proves to be an excellent remedy for its ability to eliminate symptoms of dengue fever. The leaf, when consumed in the form of juice, helps in eliminating dengue virus from the body and strengthens the body’s immunity to its signs.

(Disclaimer: The article is purely informative, based on research and several studies. English Jagran does not, however, stand independently for this report.)

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Written by: Sanyukta Baijal