Acid is one of the most common problems and one of the most common diseases that affects us is a form of indigestion called acid which causes gastric juices to be overproduced in our stomach. The oversecretion of gastric juices can be very dangerous as they eat away at the lining of the stomach and lead to gastritis and gastric ulcers.

There are many medications and home remedies available to treat acidity, but sometimes nothing helps solve the problem. Some lifestyle changes are also needed to get rid of the acid. Check out a few ways to avoid acidity:

Don’t sit in one place for too long

Long periods of sitting cause acid to form in the stomach. This habit is more common in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in one place prevents the food from being digested, which leads to over-secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. Therefore, it is imperative to move in one place after 30-40 minutes.

Don’t skip breakfastEating healthily and at the right time is of the utmost importance for maintaining body fluids. If you skip breakfast and stay hungry for a long time, acid is created. Breakfast is the best way to start the day and keeps indigestion at bay. It also makes you healthy.

Stop overeatingMany people have a habit of eating more than they need. This takes time to digest food and leads to acidity. In addition, eating more can cause a lot more physical problems. So always eat small portions at regular intervals.

Avoid fried foodsFried food is a favorite among many, but it poses several health risks. Instead, people should opt for roasted or cooked foods that help prevent indigestion and acidity.

Practice yogaA yoga trip can be your first step towards recovery digestion. Through yoga techniques and diet changes, you can control and even eliminate acidity, balance the functioning of the digestive system, and reduce the stress that is the cause of many diseases.