FORMS Life Home studios with studio mirrors aren’t cheap, but even the base model has extras like a high quality non-slip mat, heart rate monitor, cleaning kit, and more, making it a solid overall value. With the Premium Studio Lift you get even more fitness accessories such as FORME handles, ankle straps, a short bar, a rope handle and a storage cabinet.

As with Echelon, FORME Life offers two products. The entry-level studio is a well-rounded choice for a variety of workouts including dance, meditation, body weight and strength training, yoga, and more. By upgrading to the Studio Lift, you get a machine that meets your strength training needs and has independent motors for each arm for a balanced resistance. Both versions have a mirrored 43-inch 4K UHD display and 12-megapixel cameras.

We asked FORME Life founder and CEO Trent Ward to tell us more about FORME Life and what sets it apart from a growing number of competitors.

Ward’s frustration at trying to keep his busy schedule sparked this innovative fitness mirror. He said to us, “I was very busy and struggled to get to the gym. So I started working out with a trainer at home. I liked the convenience but hated working on my coach’s schedule and not being able to track my progress. “The lack of available exercise space was another problem. “I had a lot of equipment that didn’t fit well in the apartment,” said Ward.

Finally he said, “I started asking people I knew how to digitize the resistor, and then met Yves who imagined hiding the equipment in a beautiful mirror.” He is referring to Yves Behar, founder of the design company Fuseproject and co-founder of August.

The duo created and designed FORME Life with a focus on design and functionality. Ward explains that his mirror provides everything and more for home training rewards, and is easier to fit than the average home fitness machine. “FORME Life fits into your beautiful home, wows you with the most lifelike content and visuals, and has an incredible amount of technology, but not in a technical way.”

FORME Life has a 43-inch 4K display and strength-training arms that can be stowed away when not in use. You will also find voice control and a touchscreen display for added convenience. You can install the mirror on the wall or fix it to the floor. As with the Echelon fitness mirrors, this mirror home gym is reflective so it’s easy for you to follow the instructors while you keep an eye on your form.

If you are used to one-to-one classes or group fitness classes, you may hesitate to rely on a mirror for accurate feedback. As with other smart fitness mirrors on our list, FORME Life has the technology to make personalized suggestions and adjustments when needed. Ward explains, “We have two-way cameras and artificial intelligence to enable live remote training and feedback on form.”

Main features:

  • display – 43-inch UHD 4K display with touchscreen (both models)
  • membership – FORME Life membership
  • Available models – Studio and Studio LIFT
  • Includes weights or accessories – Both models come with a non-slip yoga mat, a heart rate monitor and a microfiber cloth. LIFT also includes FORME handles, a short bar, a rope handle, and ankle straps.
  • Delivery service – Installation team