I AM-Traded B2B music company 7digital continues to pursue the home fitness market that exploded during the pandemic.

The Companies said on Wednesday that it has signed for two years contracts With Barry‘s famous for introducing celebrity favorite Barry’s Boot camp and now a fitness company that is in 14th countries, and European interactive fitness platform Volava.

Both companies can use the music provided by 7digital in their offers and pay a monthly upfront fee revenues. Barry’s will use a 7digital playlist for its online product Barry’s X in the US and Canada.

7Digital, which ensures that music labels are paid for using their songs, described the fitness industry as a “strategic growth market”.

The company has signed contracts worth over £ 1 million in the region, including a two-year contract for the Forme Life personal training system.


CEO Paul Langworthy said, “Even as the world begins to open again, 7digital continues to see strong demand from companies building fitness experiences for the home, for whom having the perfect licensed music to meet fitness goals has never been more important to reach.”