Journey To Weight Loss In Real Life: Weight loss or fitness is one of the most talked about topics of all time. “How can I lose weight” is the question that everyone who wants to switch to a fitter lifestyle has asked himself again and again. Many of us choose to lose weight to look and feel good, others choose to keep lifestyle-related illnesses and ailments at bay. It was similar with Between Khaund, a public relations professional who lost 50 pounds in four months.Also read – Covid 19 and breastfeeding: can breastfeeding mothers get a Covid19 vaccine? Dr. Sumita Saha Forti’s answers

Fitness journey and the will to transform: My fitness journey has always been an uphill battle for as long as I can remember. During my teens and college, I was fortunate to have a body that was conventionally considered “thin or slim,” but when I finished college and started working, I realized how unfit and out of shape I was had become. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), which accelerated my weight gain, and the irony was that I was asked to lose weight significantly in order to lead a healthier life and offset the effects of the disease. The turning point came when a pair of pants that used to be tight around my hips no longer fit me. Pants became almost every item of clothing in my closet. That’s it. That was my cue to take care of my fitness. Also read – Do salads and soups really help you lose weight? We know this

It was definitely my self-control that got me through and my immense determination to do more for myself and my body every day. Also read – Say goodbye to vaginal infections this monsoon season with these simple tips

Antara Khund’s transformation

Calorie deficiency and intermittent fasting helped: I followed a mix of calorie deficit and intermittent fasting to change my diet to include a more mindful and healthier diet.

  • I would start my day with a handful of almonds followed by a banana.
  • I’ve reduced my morning coffee consumption to one cup a day because I’m taking a little break from work.
  • I followed the two-hour meal rule popularized by Rujuta Diwekar and ate small portions filled with essentials my body needed. This included fruit, a mixed salad (chickpeas, corn, kidney) with various additives, a bowl of yogurt and eggs (cooked, scrambled eggs, omelette).
  • In the afternoon I ate a bowl of soup with a small side of cucumber salad.
  • In the evening there would be a light snack like sukha bhel, foxnuts (makhana) or a small portion of upma.
  • Dinner was ready around 9:00 p.m. and included a serving of protein, ideally grilled chicken, a serving of boiled, lightly sauteed vegetables, and a small serving of rice or chapati.
  • From 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m., I had my intermittent fasting window after which I could have my meals. I was also very conscious to avoid certain foods initially, including chips and junk food, chocolates, candy, and ice cream. By eating healthier, more nutritious foods and eating more leafy green vegetables, I was able to eat cleanly and build a calorie deficit that helped me with my diet.

Weight Loss And Exercise Routine: My workouts were mostly cardio. I pushed myself to take my 10,000 steps every day, and from then on I kept going, trying a little yoga but making sure I was active and moving every day. I even tried some of the viral Instagram weight loss exercises and tips to keep my workouts as varied and interesting as possible. On days when I couldn’t go to the gym, I tried to mix things up with Zumba tutorials at home. Now I would like to focus my energy on learning a sport, preferably squash, and also try out Pilates.

Real Life Weight Loss: I lost 50 pounds by walking 10,000 steps every day, yoga, and intermittent fasting

Antara Khund’s transformation

What worked on my weight loss journey: What worked really well for me on this trip was planning and creating a schedule for my meals. The focus on clean, healthy and conscious eating was important and that helped me set priorities and put things in perspective. Trusting my gut instinct, listening to my body and doing what felt right and good for me was the most important step. decided to bring real life weight loss stories to our readers that will inspire you to finally sign up for this gym membership or make yoga an active part of your lifestyle.

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