Racism is higher than ever and this video is disturbing for many reasons. The elderly lady obviously needs help in her house. This may not be the first time something like this has happened as the worker decides to record it. After all, the worker is probably someone who needs her job and takes it seriously. I’m glad it didn’t get violent, but no one should have to worry about it at work.

The older woman spits on the worker several times and then throws lettuce in her hair. Here you wonder how anyone can go through life with this hatred. Here is a young lady who is at your home to help you and you treat her like crap. Check out this video that shows how this lady treats someone who is there to help her.

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What steps can be taken to prevent this from happening again? When someone spits on a person, that is the most disrespectful thing a person can do. The fact that the elderly lady did it not just once but twice is sad.

It turns out like looking down on the young lady and feeling better. I have the greatest respect for the young lady, who showed serious restraint and sensitivity in dealing with her. I wish someone would create a gofundme page to help this lady until she finds something else because no one should have to get used to this type of treatment.

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