Saint Vincent Hospital is in the process of administering dose one of the COVID-19 vaccine to many unaffiliated healthcare workers.

Hospital officials say that since they have been able to vaccinate their own workforce, they can now expand the range of independent non-AHN health care workers.

Shari Cooney is one of 350 local health workers who received a dose of the vaccine on Friday.

“Relief, really relief, that we are moving forward. Hopefully this is perhaps a beginning again of what can be normal. “Said Cooney.

Unaffiliated providers include laboratories, home care groups, and independent offices.

The Community Blood Bank is a local organization that is part of the vaccination process. Officials there say they are very grateful to be welcomed.

“The need for blood never stops. If we don’t have people to draw this blood, the circulation really breaks down. It is only important that our team is protected and we are just very grateful that we are a part of it. “Said Deanna Renaud.

350 workers received the first dose on Friday. To date, they have provided over 4,200 doses including dose one and two. Hospital officials say the vaccination process will continue for the foreseeable future.

“We are actively planning with the Erie County Health Department and other local health systems to get the community and these independent groups vaccinated as soon as possible.” said Stephen Henderson.

Henderson says that Erie County is still in phase one. Her focus is on vaccinating health care providers.

“As the offer becomes more available, we can move forward in 1B and 1C and phase two and eventually open this up to more and more groups in the church.” Said Henderson.

If you are eligible and want to schedule an appointment with Saint Vincent, this information can be found at Click here.

You can click here to see where to fall on the levels. PA DOH vaccination phases.