When you turn on My 600 pound lifeThen you’ve probably noticed that the TLC series often ends with a massive cliffhanger. “Could you have the operation?” The fans ask themselves, “How are you today?” The fact that the weight loss journeys are often unsolved shows how difficult it is for the morbidly obese to devise and stick to the healthy diet and exercise plan they have given them Dr. Now.

Of course, the audience asked themselves: How is that? Shannon do now?

Shannon from ‘My 600-lb Life’ was almost immobile.

Viewers were introduced to Shannon Lowery, 39, of Tucson, Ariz., When her episode of My 600-lb Life premiered on March 3.

“I hate my life because I’m not even alive,” Shannon said on the show. “I’m too big to do anything, so my whole world is my bed right now. I can still get up, but hardly because it hurts so much to move all my weight now.”

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She added, “So I stay in this bed all day and it’s miserable. The only activity I get is when I have to get up to clean, go to the bathroom, or get up for my husband Simon eat.”

When Shannon’s father and stepmother divorced, it had a profound effect on their lives.

“He always worked to have a roof over his head. There was never food in the house because he was always working, so I went to his work and ate – he worked in fast food,” she explained. “And I think this is where my love for food really began. Because my stepmother and brothers moved out and I was suddenly alone most of the time. So I used food to feel better when I was lonely.”

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When Shannon first talked to Dr. Younan Nowrazadan (aka Dr. Now), her exact weight was unknown. (She weighed 678 pounds two years earlier.) He gave her two months to lose 100 pounds.

However, when Shannon traveled to Texas and Dr. Now, in person, she weighed 739 pounds. She was immediately admitted to the hospital to address medical problems that posed an imminent threat to her life.

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After two weeks in the hospital, Shannon was considered safe to return home. Dr. Now gave her two months to lose 150 pounds – and she had already lost some weight on a reduced calorie diet in the hospital. Things looked good.

Unfortunately, Shannon appeared to have gained weight when she met Dr. Now made contact. (They couldn’t weigh her when they visited because she wouldn’t fit on the scale.)

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At this point, Shannon returned to losing weight and met a personal trainer at a gym to work out.

When she was 13 months old on her weight loss journey with Dr. Now contacted, Shannon was able to fit the scales, indicating that she weighed 698.

“I’m glad to see Shannon finally making progress on his own,” he said. “But her body won’t be able to hold out long enough if she continues to lose at this rate.”

Dr. Now again gave Shannon the goal of losing 150 pounds in two months – and if she hadn’t moved to Texas in two months, she’d have to add another 30 pounds a month to her goal.

“I’ve done really well over the past month,” Shannon said 14 months after her trip. “My stamina has always improved the more I exercise. So I try to get more active and get out of bed more.”

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Also, Shannon and Simon had found a place in Houston and would be moving there in a few months.

“From here on, I’ve made a decision to get well and do things to be healthy mentally and physically,” she said at the end of her My 600-lb Life episode. “And I will continue to follow this as my new way of life.”

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