Michael’s wife Angela Deem shocked 90-day fiancé Instagram fans with her weight loss update that danced to a fun song showing off her new body.

Be it with their exuberant selves or just with their chaotic charisma in general. 90 days fiance star Angela Deem is always busy outdoing the trends. While her relationship with Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi used to get people talking, now it’s all that wants to know what Angela looks like after her weight loss. And after months of keeping her shocking, lean body under lock and key, Angela is finally sharing her weight loss transformation with IG. Fans gasped in awe after seeing 90-day fiancé Angela dance in her slimmest, thinnest look yet.

While it may be a thing of the past, it was Michael who first taunted Angela by calling her “fat” on an older season 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days. Perhaps it was this incident that prompted him back then older friend Angela for weight loss instead of focusing on the pressing issue of IVF for their future baby. But since Michael also objected to Angela having fat loss surgery 90-Day Fiancé: Fortunately, until the end? All in all, fans were wondering if she would obey her visa-waiting husband, which she obviously didn’t. For the past year, Angela has shown off her miraculous makeover, sometimes by posting her wrinkle-free face and sometimes dancing with her granddaughters on TikTok. But this time around, 90-day fiancé icon Angela gave a solo performance that wowed her Instagram followers.

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With 90-day fiancé Angela in her fifties, there was a tremendous cost to the thought of any type of operation. But Angela was back a long time Posting about their weight loss journey on IGeven if they were fake slimming teas. Still, when Angela talked about losing a few hundred pounds as a result of her secret surgery, fans weren’t expecting to see the TLC star so slim and slim. In her latest IG video, Angela Deem groove to Jamaican Blue Stars’ Funky Cold Medina in a sky blue maxi dress that looks completely unrecognizable. And unsurprisingly, Angela’s 90-day fiancée is shocked by the difference.

The clip was republished by the 90-day fiancé fansite 90dayfiancéfanatics2, saw a series of comments from TLC viewers with some text: “You GO girl! You look really great !!! “” She dances a hell of a lot better than Lisa Rinna “and” Wow! She’s shrinking !! “However, Losing weight doesn’t mean Angela that she has also lost her critics. One such naysayer said, “Behavior is the same,” but shockingly, 90-day fiancé icon Angela popped up in the comments herself to respond with a bunch of laughing emojis. Go Angie, indeed.

Even so, the excitement about Angela’s speculated 90-day fiancé with solo fitness is growing. Angela’s new show may be streamed on Discovery Plus. But could the fans who refused to pay extra for Discovery Plus give in to watch Angela lead her slim and slim life? I go past that Headlines that 90 days fiance Angela is creating latelythe answer is probably yes.

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