Angela Deem shocks her 90-day fiancé: happy until the end? Fans by showing what she looks like now after her weight loss while dancing for husband Michael.

To the 90 days fiance Star Angela Deem, who stays away from burgers and fries because of her weight loss, is paying off as she now shows off her surgery results while dancing for her husband Michael. Season 6 of 90 days fiancé: Fortunately to the end? It turned out that this was the long-awaited reveal to show Angela’s makeover, who was teased in season 5. And when Angela left for Hollywood to see Michel’s doppelganger Dr. Closing their eyes at the top, fans watched the Hazelhurst-Meemaw take their first step in being healthier for their children, grandchildren and long-distance partners. And now that Angela, the 90-day fiancé icon, has lost a whopping 100 pounds, she’s not afraid to flaunt it on Instagram.

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Choosing to lose weight instead of planning on getting babies for Michael, Angela chose to have her gastrointestinal surgery done. However, going to surgery also meant giving up smoking, sweets, and sausages, which scared the Georgia grandmother more than the risk of losing her life. To top it off 90 days fiancé Angela was told because of a breast reduction that she would have to do to make her lose Michael’s favorite “big things” as he is concerned in Nigeria that she will leave him for another man.

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But shocking when the time came 90 day fiance celeb Angela not two, but five operations were performed in one day. However, the results are absolutely great for the 54-year-old as she shows up on Instagram and TikTok. Angela wore a high blonde ponytail and a low cut black top and didn’t look like her TLC self in her stories last night when she raved about King Majik, a Toronto-based Nigerian artist, and his partner Bawse’s new album Naijanada . The popular reality TV star seems to like the duo’s title “Fashi”.

Angela Deem Michael Weight Loss Instagram Fiancé In 90 Days

The slimmer reality TV star than ever before confessed that this was just a coincidence and said no one would believe her, however 90-day fiancé: Fortunately, always Angela heard the song a few days ago and the next thing she knew Michael dedicated it to her too. “Thank you Michael for dedicating this song to me. I love it, “added Angela, asking her granddaughter Sid to play the song. In the next story Angela stood up and revealed her new slim body as she danced to the beat and coquettishly exclaimed, “Anything you want, Michael, you can have it!”

Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Fortunately to the end? I’ll see Angela try to push Michael’s buttons by telling him about her “b ** b doctor” who had to “give her a medical massage.” Angela joked that she likes to choose Michael and how “it was kind of cute” when he got jealous of “that 54-year-old woman”. When she’s not with Michael, she pulls his leg to make sure they still have “that connection,” according to Angela. But 90 days fianceAngela’s plan could backfire, with Michael putting himself to the test to improve his Happily Ever After? Woman in her own game instead.

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