After losing weight, it appears that Angela Deem is ready to carry a baby. Daughter Skyla refused to help, but Angela seeks help elsewhere!

Lots 90 Days Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End? Viewers know that having a baby is very important to Angela Deem’s husband Michael Ilesanmi. But his wife is over 50 and it is almost impossible for her to get pregnant. So she looks for an egg donor and can then “carry” it herself. The couple turned around to Angela’s daughter Skyla and asked her to donate her egg. Unfortunately, Skyla was not happy with this idea. Yet America’s favorite “Meemaw” does not lose hope; She walks for eggs and asks her fans for help.

On the 90-day fiancé: Fortunately to the end? In season 5, Angela married Michael in a beautiful Nigerian wedding ceremony. Although the couple had some major problems, they decided to get married. Now they are desperately looking for ways to have a baby. Angela has run out of eggs since she was 55. This means that she is not fertile and cannot get pregnant, but she can safely carry it if someone were ready to give her eggs. The The native Georgian worked on her weight Loss and maybe a healthy diet so your body can carry a baby. During the 90-day fiancé: Fortunately, until the end? All in all, Angela and Michael tried to pressure Skyla to give them their eggs. But she refused to help them and found the whole situation rather strange.

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Now the former TLC star is looking for help elsewhere. She has asked her fans to help her. While recording video messages for her female fans, she asks them if they have eggs. In the latest cameo video Angela Deem a fan asked: “Do you have eggs? I can wear it, I just need your egg!” She asked this question to several fans while they were recording their personalized video messages.

Angela Micheal Skyla 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days

It seems like Angela is jokingbut you never know. Maybe she really wants to be a mother and give Michael a baby. He talked about his desire to become a father. He also recommended IVF, but Angela wasn’t on board the idea because it can be quite expensive. Michael’s Nigerian relatives suggested that he add another wife, but Angela was strictly against the idea.

Currently, Angela doesn’t seem to have received help from anywhere. Let’s see if her fans would help her. In the meantime, the 90 Days Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End? Alum will likely keep working on her fitness goals as it gives hope. It’s always possible for Skyla to change her mind and offer her eggs.

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