Proud of their things! 90 days fiance star Angela Deem flaunted her slim figure when she was out and about in Beverly Hills afterwards lose more than 90 pounds the following Weight loss surgery.

Angela, 55, looked cute and casual in a comfy athleisurewear outfit. She combined a blue, white and purple tie-dye tank top with black, blue-green and white color block leggings. She completed the look with purple sunglasses hanging from her collar, a pair of thick white strap sandals, and a brown leather mini backpack for a purse while holding a protective face cover amid the coronavirus pandemic. She seemed to be in high spirits on the way to a chiropractor appointment.

It appeared to be the native Georgian focus on yourself after their last stay 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? Season 6. She documented her drama more fully Distant with husband Michael Ilesanmiwhen the couple clashed over multiple subjects.

Michael, 32, did not approve of Angela’s decision to go under the knife for weight loss surgery and she insisted the procedure was necessary for her health and would help her feel “sexy” to her much younger husband. The native Nigerian found Angela perfect just the way she was, and he also thought that the money she would spend on the surgeries could be used for in vitro fertilization so that they could have a child together.

Against Michael’s request, Angela underwent five operations in one day in August 2020, including a sleeve gastrectomy, liposuction and breast reduction. Previously, she talked about not feeling emotionally supported by her husband in her recovery.

When the couple on the Season 6 tell, Angela then revealed her new breasts do a tit job just a week before recording in June. She stated that after Michael’s reaction to her smaller breasts, she was returning for another surgery to add implants.

“I had no support from him at all because when I woke up I said, ‘Where are my tits?’ You look down and there is nothing, ”Angela explained her first reaction to the reduction. “And he started to complain and make fun of me, [saying] my tits are too small. “

She continued, “So I said, ‘Well, I’ll take a stick, smart ass.’ And he agreed to that, you know? “

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