Feeling the monsoon breeze on your skin can be refreshing, especially after the hot summer months. But the monsoons not only bring joy and relief, but also bring some skin problems that require special care.

The skincare battle that many are grappling with this season is due to the increased humidity.

The skin tends to produce excess oils and becomes more prone to acne.
Aside from acne, some other problems your skin struggles with are excess
Sweating, lack of moisture and allergies, and

Metrolife compiles a list of natural skin care tips that can help you avoid monsoon skin problems.

Peeling with oatmeal

Exfoliating is an important part of skin care, regardless of skin type. Oats are a kitchen staple that can be used to help counteract skin problems such as dryness, excess oil, and dead skin.

Prepare a simple scrub by mixing unprocessed oats with two tablespoons of milk or cottage cheese and applying it to your face and neck once a week for 20 minutes to cleanse and moisturize your skin.

Use coconut oil for hydration

High in fatty acids, coconut oil helps lock water into the skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

It is best used as a night moisturizer. Apply a small amount of coconut oil to your face, elbows and knees and let it work all night. It can also be used as a gentle cleaner to remove dirt and makeup.

Avoid yeast infections with neem and honey

Bacterial and fungal infections are quite common during the rainy season. The easiest way to keep these infections at bay is to take advantage of the antibacterial and healing properties of neem and honey.

Grind a handful of neem leaves with a tablespoon of organic honey until a smooth paste is formed. Apply to face and neck and rinse off after 30 minutes. This should make your face feel smooth and refreshed.

Fight acne with multani mitti

The rainy season isn’t your best friend if you have sensitive skin. The high humidity and constant temperature fluctuations lead to more frequent pimples and breakouts. The traditional Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth clay works wonders for acne and is known in South Asia for its antiseptic properties.

Take a small amount of multani mitti, mix it with rose water and apply it to your pimple every night before bed. This has a calming effect on the inflamed area.

Use mustard oil as a cleaning agent

The handy mustard oil is a great natural detergent. It will help you remove the day’s dirt without clogging your pores.

Use it as a makeup remover to not only remove makeup residue from your skin, but also to moisturize your skin and avoid dry spots at the same time.