Before the onset of COVID-19, home gyms were only on the rise, but for obvious reasons, that trend has really accelerated over the past year. The domain now feels so lucrative that Armani is keen to capitalize on the fad with home fitness equipment heavily inspired by the brand’s exclusive style and luxury.

The Armani / Casa Pump Home Fitness collection is available in stores and online on the company’s website. The equipment inherits the finesse of Armanis leather bags and is exclusively tailored to make-up. It gives the otherwise conventional fitness equipment a special touch.

The collection

Armani challenges the fitness equipment room with his eye for detail and craftsmanship. This pump collection of fitness equipment consists of a dumbbell set with a weight of 1 kg each, an adjustable jump rope and a yoga mat. One thing that flows neutrally in all three is the use of black leather in the construction.

Made very tastefully, this equipment is designed for home gyms. While the dumbbells can be used for light aerobic exercise, the handles of the jump rope can be opened to adjust the length. The rope can be stored in a fabric bag with the company logo.

Additional details

The most interesting element of the collection is the 190 cm long yoga mat made of non-slip rubber and synthetic leather. Interestingly, the mat comes with a roll-up belt and a carrying case with the GA logo. This makes storage and transport easier.

Although Armani / Casa collection will appeal to a large number, realistically few would actually spend on the black leather equipment. But when practicality plays second fiddle, don’t hold back on luxury consciousness – your home gym will love this equipment.