On the occasion of the one year anniversary of quarantine life, it is inevitable that we look back on the goals we achieved in 2020. It’s been an incredibly tough 12 months in almost every way, and that’s way too much, too.It’s easy to punish ourselves for not making enough progress in health and fitness, or for being due to gym closings and constant Snacking have gained weight. Remember: you are not alone.

It turns out, Arnold Schwarzenegger feels the same way.

In a post shared on Instagram yesterday, the action movie legend and former award-winning bodybuilder revealed it despite everything Maintaining his training schedule from homeHe put on a bit of weight because he doesn’t have a TV with movie projects that he needs to get in shape for. He thought about how this affected his self-image during the lockdown.

“I’ve gained 10 pounds,” he wrote, “and when I wear dark clothes during Zooms I feel pretty good, but when I look at myself in the mirror at night I see the stomach, I curse myself and say.” “Arnold. You have won 13 bodybuilding titles. The Guinness Book of Records called you” the most developed man in the history of the world! “What the hell happened to that six pack? What’s going on here? That’s depressing.”

If anyone is a living example of the importance of being kinder to yourself, it’s Schwarzenegger. The guy is in his seventies and recently underwent heart surgery. But he doesn’t make excuses for himself.

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To get out of this slump, Schwarzenegger has decided to lose that weight and drop back to 218 pounds by the end of this month, and he’s inviting his followers to set their own goals. “I will conquer March,” he said. “Who’s with me?”

The Instagram post also announced that Schwarzenegger would publish a newsletter to answer fans’ questions and share his advice and insights on how to eat healthy, exercise better and stay positive during the pandemic.

“We all have setbacks, but they are not permanent,” he said. “You can do it.”

Philip Ellis is a UK-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ + issues.

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