Roundbox Fitness core blades are especially popular with those who want to stay in shape during lockdown

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2021 / Roundbox Fitness is pleased to announce that its Core Blades fitness equipment has been selling faster than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the Roundbox Fitness team know firsthand how difficult it was for many people to stay fit during the lockdown. With gyms and personal trainers closed, many people have been looking for easy-to-use fitness equipment that will allow them to exercise comfortably and safely from home.

“Roundbox’s core blades became a huge hit when home exercise boomed during lockdown,” noted the spokesperson, adding that Roundbox Fitness’s innovative and flagship machine offers high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, without pain.

The core blades have a weighted metal handle and strands of carefully measured material; These offer limitless movements that stretch and strengthen the entire body.

“While all of the weight and drag is in the handle, the blades are what makes the core blades incredibly effective at enhancing organic movement,” noted the spokesman, adding that the 3 foot strands of material resurfaced during the movements provide visual and audible feedback.

As the ligaments flow, the body is stretched and rejuvenated. As the spokesman noted, the core blades can help increase the user’s freedom of movement in a way that minimizes wear and tear and doesn’t worsen old injuries.

As a bonus, the Core Blades can easily be taken on business trips or on vacation due to their small footprint and light weight.

“Now that people are traveling again, they are quickly finding that the core blades are the perfect companion for travel training,” said the spokesman.

About Roundbox Fitness and the founder Curt Ligot:

Roundbox Fitness is a fresh, new and holistic approach to optimizing human performance. Founder Curt Ligot invented the Roundbox System and its bespoke equipment after realizing that focusing solely on strength and conditioning did not combat his clients’ pain and that strict attention to recovery and injury was insufficient for fitness and athleticism to flourish. For more information, please visit

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