Football Australia announced today that it has extended and expanded its partnership with Compeat Nutrition – an innovative company revolutionizing nutritional health care in competitive sports and the community – through August 2022.

The partnership supports Football Australia’s efforts to provide a world-class environment for Australia’s national team players, helping them meet performance expectations and improve holistically as athletes and people during and after their careers.

As part of the partnership, footballers in each of Australia’s women’s and men’s national football teams – from the Westfield Junior Matildas and Joeys to the Westfield Matildas and Socceroos – can access the Compeat Nutrition digital platform and support athletes through virtual meetings and one-on-one discussions.

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Designed to deliver scientific and proven nutritional advice in an environment that creates resilience, helps develop good habits and ensure a truly customized solution, the platform removes the geographic and temporal barriers to ensure that the elite the global player of Australian football is real -Time access to 24-7 nutritional support.

Andrew Clark, Football Australia High Performance Coordinator, stated that Compeat Nutrition has provided nutritional support to the Westfield Matildas, Westfield Young Matildas and Future Matildas over the past two years. Following positive feedback and results, the platform was expanded to include a larger pool of players through both female and male programs.

“We have seen some encouraging results and received positive feedback from our national team players since the platform was launched two years ago,” said Clark. “Working with Compeat Nutrition, we have now taken the opportunity to expand support to a larger pool of players in clubs in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America to ensure they have access to nutritional support regardless of the time zone you are in. “

“We are always trying to find ways in which we can support players in their clubs, in preparing for their tasks in the national team and in international qualification and tournament mode. This service will help many Australian football players develop healthy eating habits that they can adopt throughout their careers and in the post-football life. ”

Alicia Edge, Co-Founder and Lead Nutritionist at Compeat Nutrition, said Football Australia’s digitally focused approach to supporting footballers around the world is a progressive step that could lead to performance advantages for individuals and teams.

“Football Australia is focused on delivering the best nutritional outcomes and support to its athletes,” said Edge.

At Compeat Nutrition, we are deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with Football Australia to help Australia’s best footballers, at different stages of their careers, train, compete and recover better through their food intake. “

“It’s so exciting to create a supportive, mobile environment that elite Australian footballers can take with them wherever they go in the world. By partnering with Compeat, athletes will receive extensive training and sustained awareness of the effects of diet and wellbeing on performance, which are critical to the success of individuals and teams internationally, ”she said.