Van Sullivan, FSA Executive Director: Wall Sit.

Many sea wolves start the new year with a fresh start, whether it be a new exercise program, personal goals, or just a healthier diet.

Campus relaxation and wellness, the Faculty’s Student Union (FSA) and Healthier U. have teamed up to start the SBU Fitness Challenge, which will take place February 1-14. This fun fitness challenge is open to all Stony Brook students, faculty and staff. Sea wolves can learn a few fitness exercises, challenge friends and colleagues, and compete to win great prizes!

How to Participate

Simply choose one of the following exercises – plank, push-ups, jumping jacks, wall sitting, or tree pose – and record a video of yourself doing 21 reps or seconds (depending on the exercise). Make sure to tag and tag the person you are challenging @sburecandwellness and @ Bufsa with the # SBUfitchallenge2021. You can train anywhere – at home, at the gym, and outdoors, which is what makes the challenge so versatile and fun.

Five random winners will be selected to win prizes. The grand prize is a $ 100 gift card to Shop Red West.

“Exercise is a great way to strengthen yourself physically and mentally. Being physically active is not only good for your heart and muscles, but also for your brain. Just a few minutes of exercise releases endorphins that can greatly improve your mood and energy, ”said Laura Fitzgerald, MS, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness.

Cathrine Duffy Tree PoseCathrine Duffy, Director of Healthier U: Tree Pose.

While developing the Fitness Challenge, FSA Executive Director Van Sullivan kicked off with a seat against the wall and asked Cathrine Duffy, Director of Healthier U, to join the fun and do the tree pose.

Healthier U is a health program that focuses on improving and educating the health and wellbeing of employees. All faculties and staff are encouraged to be part of the SBU Fitness Challenge and inspire others.

“Self-care is extremely important for the mind, body and spirit. The SBU Fitness Challenge helps all Seawolves stay connected and be part of our great campus community,” said Van Sullivan.