This month we take a look at the latest energy and nutrition data from some of the leading brands in the industry including Enervit, Namedsport, Skratch Labs, Science in Sports, Saltstick, OTE Sports and Torq

Enervit – – IsoCarb

Distribution: Chicken CycleKit

Developed in collaboration with the UAE and Trek Segafredo to raise awareness of athletes’ nutritional strategies. The IsoCarb 2: 1 uses maltodextrin DE1 Agenanova and provides 60 g of carbohydrates with a glucose / fructose ratio of 2: 1 in 500 ml while maintaining the isotonic concentration. This is ideal for intensive training and competitions. Maltodextrin DE1 has a very high molecular weight and is extremely soluble and tasteless. IsoCarb 2: 1 is available in a mild lemon flavor.

Namedsport – – Sports gel

Distribution: Raleigh bicycle parts

This great tasting gel has been carefully formulated with five different carbohydrates. Each has a different rate of absorption, giving this gel the ability to provide both fast and slow release energy in a single pouch. These 25ml gels do not require water and are a super simple, fast, and effective way to give your body the energy it needs for endurance activities. They also have a straw for easy use.

Skratch Labs – – Energy bars at any time

Distribution: Silverfish UK

Powerful enough for endurance training, but tasty enough for a snack any time of the day. Made with real ingredients like oats, nut butter, sea salt, brown rice chips and quinoa. Skratch doesn’t like adding extra junk to their bodies, nor does it want them to be free of additives like artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Herbal ingredients facilitate digestion, quick absorption, lasting energy and contain 50% less sugar than other leading brands of bars.

Science in Sports – – Turbo + gel and powder

Distribution: Madison

Indoor training is more popular than ever and the tough, intense intervals that characterize indoor training and races place special demands on the body. With this in mind, SiS offers a new range of Turbo + products that are tailored to these requirements. The Turbo + Gel before the session and the Turbo + powder during the session are formulated so that you can get the most out of your indoor training.

Namedsport – – Total energy shot

Distribution: Raleigh bicycle parts

Each of these liquid energy shots from Italy’s leading nutritional brand contains caffeine, guarana and taurine for an instant mental boost. Magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and elderberry extract were developed for intense physical activity and help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Each 60ml shot contains 1000mg of taurine and 180mg of caffeine, ideal for getting you over the finish line or crushing the final intervals of a long workout.

Salt stick – – Capsule, chew and liquid

Distribution: Multisport distribution

Saltstick is a market-leading electrolyte dietary supplement with a balanced blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium that allows you to easily replace important electrolytes lost in sweating to increase energy levels, productivity, alertness and general well-being improve while minimizing heat stress and muscle cramps due to sweat. Simply relying on sports drinks or water to get rehydrated is just not enough, as most sports drinks contain too much sugar and too little salt. Pure water lacks the vital electrolytes that you need to refill during the working day.

Enervit – – Liquid gel

Distribution: Chicken CycleKit

Enervit Sport Liquid Gel is a carbohydrate-based product for sport. It is a source of thiamine that contributes to normal energy metabolism. Thanks to the practical and safe container, you can take it in small sips at regular intervals during physical exertion. For use with intense and sustained muscle exertion. Take a gel packet every 40/60 minutes during training or competition. Available in the flavors citrus, black cherry, orange, lemon and green tea.

OTE sport – – Blueberry Vegan Anytime Bar

Distribution: Dealer directly through B2B

The new Blueberry Anytime Bar consists of 100% natural ingredients and is also nut and gluten free. These flapjack-style bars are the ideal snack for those looking for a healthier option while also having a great taste that is easy to digest during exercise. Each bar provides over 35 g of carbohydrates.

Skratch Labs – – Sport Energy Chews

Distribution: Silverfish UK

Sport Energy Chews are an easy and convenient source of carbohydrates to help maintain blood sugar and performance during prolonged exercise. Made with simple ingredients and only flavored with real fruits to create a chew with a clean bite that is not coated in wax. The shape has been carefully thought out to create a lasting drop of energy. A single sachet contains two 80 calorie servings. Available in orange, raspberry and sour cherry flavors and in packs of ten.

Torq – – Drink

Distribution: ZyroFisher

Torq Hydration is an advanced hypotonic formulation specifically aimed at optimizing hydration when events / meetings do not last longer than an hour and are ideal for indoor winter training and heavy sweat loss is expected. The Torq hydration system can also be used as part of the Torq fuel system at longer events. Torq Hydration is a vegan recipe, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, preservative-free, only natural flavors. Lemon, watermelon and tangerine.

Namedsport – – Isonam Isotonic Energy Drink

Distribution: Raleigh bicycle parts

Make your own isotonic drink with this energy powder from Italy’s leading nutritional brand. Take it before and during your workout to stay hydrated and energized during your session or race. The formula comes in a 480g tub and contains magnesium, potassium, maltodextrin and vitamins, all perfectly blended to help maintain athletic performance. Because of its isotonic properties, salt and minerals lost through sweat are quickly replaced when you use this powder in your bottles.

Enervit – – Cycling and triathlon diet

Distribution: Chicken CycleKit

With over 50 years of experience, Enervit has introduced extraordinary innovations into the world of endurance sports. The Equipe Enervit research center is made up of a team of doctors, scientists, athletes and industry experts who strive to understand the real needs of athletes in a range of endurance sports, providing a full range of products for even the most dedicated athletes to cater for each additional need. The diet options used by the UAE and Trek Segafredo include before, during and after exercise.