Billie Eilish highlights her struggles with weight loss pills: “It’s just insane”

Award-winning singer Billie Eilish recently spoke openly about her problems with weight loss and diet pills.

Eilish shed light on everything during her interview with Vanity Fair and was quoted as saying, “I remember taking a pill that told me it would make me lose weight and only pee in bed – when I was 12. It’s just crazy. I can’t even believe how I – wow. Yes.”

The singer also referred to the tank top fiasco, admitting, “I thought I was the only one dealing with my hatred of my body, but I think the internet hates my body too. That’s great. “

At the time, she even urged fans to “normalize” real bodies through an Instagram post from Chiziduru, captioning them, “In case someone needs a reminder … Instagram got a lot of you to do it to think that NORMAL BODIES are abnormal. NO.”

“Not every black girl has a shelf behind her. Stomach pudge is completely normal. Most [expletive] SAGGGG. And it’s fine for all of my moms out there! You brought LIFE into this world, sister. “(Sic)