Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson will not buy the former Alaska Club fitness center on Tudor Road in Midtown for homeless shelter for 125 people.

“The administration does not intend to advance the purchase of the Alaska Club,” said Matt Shuckerow, interim spokesman for the mayor, on Friday.

The mayor had until Friday to pull through the deal. configuration by former incumbent Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson. It was an important part of their plan to create more homeless shelters before winter as the city scraps its mass housing in the Sullivan Arena, which was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many members of the congregation had agreed to Quinn-Davidson’s plan and urged the creation of more, smaller accommodations around Anchorage, along with other housing options for those in need.

Bronson’s appointed chief of staff, Craig Campbell displayed on Tuesday that the new government was unlikely to pull through the deal.

Instead, Bronson will push for the gathering to approve $ 15 million to build a large homeless shelter and navigation center in East Anchorage that would house about 450 people but could be expanded to as many as 1,000.

Some members of the congregation have opposed the size and cost of Bronson’s proposed shelter and the lack of details about exactly how much it will cost, where the money would come from, and what services would be provided on-site.

In May, Quinn-Davidson announced the city had signed a $ 5.436 million purchase agreement for the former Alaska Club building, but the incumbent mayor left it to the newly elected Bronson, who took office on July 1 Implement plan.

She planned to turn it into a 125-bed emergency shelter and resource center for people with homelessness.

The city invested serious non-refundable money in the contract, and it will lose that money when the contract is terminated, an amount previously unknown.

Former real estate director Robin Ward had said at the time the deal was announced that real estate transactions are confidential until they are completed or terminated.