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Camden man celebrates many victories on weight reduction journey


CAMDEN, Maine (WABI) – Lots of people have struggled with her weight during the coronavirus pandemic.

Such is not the case with a Camden man, who has been able to sustain the impressive strides he has made over the past few years. He shares his story with TV5’s Brittany McHatten in hopes of helping others.

“An unrelated health fear that ultimately got my mom nudging me a little,” said Camden’s Michael Deabler of the origins of his weight loss story. “That really got me going to TOPS and realizing how big I had gotten.”

In his heaviest form, Deabler weighed over 225 pounds. Then he joined the non-profit association TOPS, which stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly.

In 2019 alone Deabler lost more than 111 pounds, beating all other men in the US and Canada in his weight class. He found out about his first place during a snow storm that turned off the power in his neighborhood.

“I was actually walking around here with my phone in hand trying to get some kind of reception,” Deabler said. “I see that I am getting an email from TOPS headquarters.”

He was having trouble downloading the attachment.

“In the end, I finally got it and was actually right down the street,” said Deabler. “I jumped for joy and found out that I won and everything.”

Deabler says he’s grateful for TOPS, not just for the weight he was able to lose, but for everything he could gain in the process.

“I joined in April so I had a couple of months,” Deabler explained when discussing one of his goals for joining TOPS. “In the fall I wanted to go hunting with my nieces. This fall was the first time I went to the forest in 15, 16 years. I didn’t get anything, but it was a huge favor to be able to go into the woods with my nieces and brother. “

The pain – gone – gone. Effects of sleep apnea – diminished. Deabler says there is no secret to its success, just healthier eating habits and regular exercise.

“During the summer I will go out three or four miles on good days. I never thought I’d run 4 miles for fun, ”he said with a smile.

His next goal? Lose about 20 pounds to make it a total of 200 for his weight loss journey.

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