Carthage, MO –Stratum Nutrition’s NEM branded eggshell membrane has been approved for pain claims in Canada, according to a press release.

Health Canada’s Directorate of Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products (NNHPD) has reviewed and approved the claim “NEM helps relieve joint pain from medium-intensity aerobic exercise on the first day.”

“The inclusion of a pain claim after just one day of using food supplements is proof of the strength of the science that Stratum and ESM Technologies have put behind food supplements. This approval is the culmination of more than 5 years of carefully crafted research, ”said Dr. Kevin J. Ruff, Stratum’s senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs, in the press release.

NEM is supported by 16 research studies, including four randomized, placebo-controlled studies, four open-label clinical studies, veterinary studies, and mechanism of action studies.

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Chris Haynes, Senior Director of Global Sales, said in the press release, “Canada’s scientific review process and subsequent high claims supplements are important notification to anyone looking for an ingredient in the sports and sports supplement arena. NEM’s ability to help with exercise recovery, post-exercise pain, and cartilage maintenance, as well as everyday aspects of joint health is par excellence. Originally designed for mutual support, NEM has gone well beyond its goal of becoming the obvious choice for formulations that address periodic pain, stiffness, inflexibility, and now sports / exercise formulations as well. The claims allowed by NNHPD are perfect for conveying the benefits of food supplements to the consumer. “