New Delhi, September 9th

The Supreme Court said Thursday that it cannot order the nationwide use of traditional knowledge or home remedies as a cure for COVID-19, and dismissed a plea calling for the use of “Red Ant Chutney” as a cure for the deadly virus was asked.

“You see, there is a lot of traditional knowledge, even at home we have traditional knowledge. You can use these remedies for your own consumption when you face the consequences for yourself, but we cannot require this traditional knowledge to be applied across the country, ”said a bank of Judges DY Chandrachud, Vikram Nath and Hima Kohli.

The bank asked petitioner Nayadhar Padhial, a member of the Odisha tribal community, to be vaccinated against Covid and rejected the plea.

Attorney Anirudha Sanganeria, who appeared on behalf of the petitioner, said the Orissa Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit and contested the order.

The bank said, “The problem began with the Supreme Court ordering the Ayush Department Director-General and the Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR) to make a decision within three months on a proposal to use red ant chutney To use cures for Covid. 19. We want to put an end to this ”.

It stated: “We are not inclined to take up the petition on special leave under Article 136 of the Constitution. The application for special leave is accordingly rejected. “

The petition says Red Ant Chutney, a mixture of red ants and green chillies, is traditionally viewed as a medicine for curing flu, coughs, colds, fatigue, breathing problems and other ailments in the country’s tribal belts including Odisha and Chhattisgarh .

The petitioner claimed that the ‘Red Ant Chutney’ has medicinal value as it contains formic acid, protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc and its effectiveness as a cure for Covid-19 needs to be confirmed.

In his plea on Sanganeria, the petitioner said he was a resident of Odisha and belonging to a tribal community, Bathudi by caste, and moved the High Court in its sincere belief that the Red Ant Chutney could be used effectively Strengthening the immune system and would go a long way in preventing infection with the Covid-19 virus.

Padhial said on Dec. 24 that last year the Supreme Court ordered the CSIR and the AYUSH Ministry to investigate the claims and after the allegations were brought to both agencies, the lawsuit was dismissed.

“Restricted by denying representation without adequate research and study, the petitioner submitted another written petition to the High Court, praying to refer the matter to another panel of experts,” he said.

He said the Supreme Court rejected his plea, noting that the court, which is not an expert on the subject, should not recommend it to the court as the CSIR and AYUSH Ministry did not prefer to bring the lawsuit of the petitioner to recommend another panel of experts.

He alleged that the High Court erred in law in failing to exercise jurisdiction to assess localized treatment in a similar case; The Madras Supreme Court had issued instructions and appointed a panel of experts to evaluate localized treatment for COVID-9 in Tamil Nadu state.

Padhial said the Supreme Court erred in law in believing the right to health was guaranteed by the constitution, and it should have instructed defendants to review its claims, especially if it considered the immunity properties of the red ant chutney documented by scientific peers. Peer-reviewed journals. PTI