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CareTribe and Home Helpers of Monmouth County have partnered to provide free access to platforms and local resources to help families make past decisions.

Freehold, NJ (July 8, 2021) – CareTribe and Home Helpers of Monmouth County are working together to support unpaid family carers who, in turn, assist the elderly, injured, or disabled. This partnership aims to create better health outcomes and quality of life not only for those in need of care, but also for family carers through personalized solutions.

CareTribe co-founder Dr. Madhavi Vemireddy, and the owner of Home Helpers of Monmouth County, Howard Stein, have teamed up to enable a family-centered care model that supports the general well-being of the family and best practices of the population’s health programs by incorporating their previous experience of working together ActiveHealth Management, a CVS Health company. Monmouth County’s residents can participate in this new model of care to make it easier to evaluate options and proactively plan for care needs rather than responding to the declining mental, social, or physical health of our loved ones.

Families engaging with this new platform will find resources focused on the caregiver’s own wellbeing by accessing digital life paths tailored to specific care situations and a dedicated Care Navigator who is a master level social worker. Home Helpers supports aging or disabled people by organizing specialized, personal or accompanying care, nutritional advice and more with home health care to ultimately support home care and create peace of mind.

CareTribe explores ways to reduce stress, stress and challenges related to care, and helps build resilience of unpaid caregivers by guiding them to better prepare for the overall experience. CareTribe serves as a digital platform that combines advanced analytics, personalized paths and access to dedicated care navigators. The Care Navigator team can help anticipate needs in the near future, help organize critical documents, and work with Monmouth County’s home helpers to bring a loved one a safe life at home.

To be the extended family when you can’t be around, these home care providers and family carer resources work together to make caring for the family less stressful. Knowing that you are not alone with this process and having access to solutions, networks and support is essential for navigating these new stages of life. Here are the important links to learn more about CareTribe and Home Helpers of Monmouth County.
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