Like everyone else on the planet, I put the corona stone on and by the time we emerge from lockdown everyone is talking about getting in shape.

Boost the fame of Paul Byrne of Body Byrne, the celebrity trainer who puts everyone from Saoirse Ronan to Michael Fassbender in the shape of their lives.

With the gyms still closed and slowly returning to society, we want to feel better about ourselves and our bodies.

It can take 12 weeks or 12 months, but if we follow Paul’s guide to healthier eating and body weight training, we can get in healthier shape.

With over 25 years of experience in the fitness game, Paul explains why our eating habits account for 80% of our results and how using our own body without equipment is all we need to be successful.

Irish mirror reporter Siobhan O’Connor

Why crash diets don’t work

Dublin native Paul explains why we crash dieting.

Paul told Dublin Live, “Some people are on a diet and it’s hell.

“Let’s say it takes four months to lose weight on a crash diet. It will come on again in two weeks, once you binge it it will be biblical.

“If people binge all weekend, then Monday comes and they starve to death, if they eat a leaf of lettuce, the whole cycle starts all over again.

“People struggle with themselves, but once they find that certain foods are being made that are addicting, processed foods are supposed to be addicting.”

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Paul explains why we crave bad food: “We don’t crave broccoli or lettuce, we don’t go, oh, I’d love a sweet potato now.

“It’s because you want that dopamine hit. So if you can’t have it, you want it more.”

If you allow yourself a treat or two, the desire will be satisfied: “So if you say two glasses of wine in your plan or a slice of pizza, it means that you are indulging in a treat or two.

“If you restrict yourself for weeks and then eat processed foods, your body will become inflamed if you can no longer tolerate those foods.”

Reduce sugar

Paul explains that we are pre-programmed like the caveman days to drag the red berry over the green berry.

He said, “The green berry is bitter, the red berry is sweet, so your brain automatically knows I like this so you can get a dopamine hit.

“So bring it back down so you don’t get ballistic.

“If you open a pack of Pringles or cookies, you will end up eating the pack. It is designed so that you can keep eating it.

“Plan everything. So if you want a slice of pizza on a Saturday night you have it, but then eat it clean for the next few days.

Irish mirror reporter Siobhan O’Connor

“If there was a pill that could be invented for 10 grand, it would be the biggest seller, everyone would choose it.

“All you have to do to get fit is change your bad habits.

“We choose all red berry foods, and as you get older you are used to having all of those foods, more abundant foods, and the weight gain comes back on.

“So take a little piece of it and pair the rest back.”

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The foods that make us fat

Your first step is to cut these foods out of your daily diet almost entirely. For the first week, don’t change anything other than removing these foods from your daily diet. They’re good as a treat on occasion, but they can’t be part of your daily diet.

The following list of foods has become a daily part of society’s diet, but these are the foods that cause obesity and other common illnesses.

  • sugar
  • Fizzy drinks (diet and whole sugar)
  • alcohol
  • Sugary coffee with milk / frozen coffee
  • Overly sugary smoothies (made with too much fruit and frozen yogurt)
  • chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Breakfast bars, shakes, cookies and sugary cereals
  • crisps
  • cracker
  • Cakes and pastries
  • White bread
  • Baguettes / half baguettes
  • mayonnaise
  • Low-fat food alternatives (full of sugar and salt)
  • Frozen foods / ready meals
  • Take-away groceries – Pizza, Chinese, Indian, Hacker, etc.
  • Fast food
  • Overly indulgent food in the restaurant
  • Breaded or processed meat
  • Diet foods and shakes (filled with sugar)
  • Too much milk (okay in small amounts if they don’t irritate your digestive system)
  • Too much butter (okay in small amounts)
  • Too many oils (olive oils, seed oils in small amounts okay)

Make small changes every time

  • Make small changes to your diet every week for a healthier and more sustainable one until it works perfectly for you

  • Exercise regularly 2-3 times a week in both strength training (weights) and cardiovascular training (running, cycling, swimming, etc.)

  • Keep the body as active as possible for the rest of the time – ride a bike to work, go to local shops, use stairs instead of elevators, etc.

  • Plan to keep the changes you make for life. If you return to your old nutrition and activity levels after seeing your results, only one thing will happen. If it made you overweight, low-energy, and depressed before trusting me, it will do the exact same thing again.

Paul’s body weight training

Born in Dublin, Paul told Dublin Live, “The idea is that you pre-exhaust one muscle that will pass into the next.

“Try to do 20 reps at the same time, but even if you only do five reps, you need to do 300 reps in total.

“If you can only do five reps as a beginner, do more rounds.

“They are against you, take your time and see the improvements.

“You use every muscle, your core is worked, your legs, your chest, your hamstrings, your shoulders, your triceps.

“The less weight you have, the easier it will be for you to do the exercises, but bodyweight exercises are called calisthenics.

“Turner use this method, you know if they use the beams.

“It’s pretty much the same, you don’t need a gym, you don’t need any equipment, and it travels with you.

“People think they need equipment that they need in the gym, but you don’t. There you have it, children have it the moment they are born.

“If you think about going back in time to the cavemen, there was no gym, no fancy equipment. We kept ourselves fit by running around, climbing everywhere, and doing things with our own bodies.

“Start at 300 and then try to get it to 500 after doing squats, lunges, pushups, and climbers for about three weeks that you can add in more exercises.

Irish mirror reporter Siobhan O’Connor

“You can make up to 1000 yourself.”

“If you’re exercising vigorously, it’s better to take protein right after to help regulate your insulin levels so you don’t crave more carbohydrates.

A group of anti-lockdown protesters clash with Gardai on Grafton Street (Dublin) during the level 5 lockdown of Covid-19.  On Saturday, February 27, 2021, in Dublin, Ireland.

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