Many of us still hesitate to hit the gym pandemic. In such a scenario exercise at home is the best way to keep up Fitness routines. But if you don’t feel motivated enough to exercise at home, it’s time to find something much needed inspiration by none other than an actor Aamna sharif.

The fitness enthusiast who keeps sharing her workout videos recently shared a video doing table pull-ups at home.


Pull-ups are effective in developing the biceps, back and shoulder muscles. They also improve grip strength and are a great upper body workout. Because you are supporting your body weight with your forearms and hands, pull-ups with regular exercise help develop strength.

Here’s what she said: “No gym? No problem! Today’s training with my dining table ”, she trained with trainer Rahul P Patel.

How do you?

* Lie on your back under a table with your feet firmly planted on the floor.
* Hold your hands on the side of the table with an underhand grip and inhale.
* As you exhale, activate your abs and use your arms to pull yourself off the floor.
* Keep pulling yourself up until your chest touches the table.
* As you inhale, slowly sink back to the floor.

What is to be considered?

* Make sure your elbows are pressed close to your body.
* The edge of the table should be aligned to the center of the chest.
*Your Shoulder blades should come together in the exercise.
* Lift your hips in line with your knees and shoulders as you pull yourself up.
* Make sure you use the full range of motion. Lower yourself until your arms are fully extended and raise yourself up until your chest touches the table.


Make sure the table is strong enough to support your weight.

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