Charlotte Dawson received applause after sharing her inspirational weight loss transformation.

The mother of one, who greeted her baby boy Noah in January, has changed after embarking on a health and fitness journey following a diabetes crisis.

In June, she shared how she was warned that she was on the verge of developing type 2 diabetes, a condition that causes blood sugar levels to get too high.

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The reality star was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, a common condition that affects 1 in 20 pregnant women.

But she had believed the condition was only part of her pregnancy and returned to her usual diet after the birth, including her favorite chips and sauce.

Charlotte, whose late comedian father Les Dawson also had the disease, was “excited, anxious and scared” when her 70-year-old mother, Tracy, was also diagnosed earlier this year.

Charlotte visited doctors after feeling “a little weird” and told to clean up her diet.

To show how far she has come, she shared a before and after video on Instagram in which she did a workout in the same workout top.

“I’m still not the best at sit-ups, but I’m proud of myself,” she said.

“I never thought that I could change my lifestyle and food to help with my diabetes fear, but here I am !!

“I can hardly believe that I am actually training now and enjoying it !!

“I used to hate it”

When the praise broke in, she offered to help others.

“I get asked so often how I changed everything, should I do an Insta for all of you and join me on Chazza’s journey?” She asked.

And she happily added, “A little less chunkeh, but always funkeh, but as long as I improve my life for Noah, Matthew and my Fambo, I’ll be happy.”

Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei said, “Char, I’m so proud of you and that! Go ahead, girl, you got this.”

“Oh, that’s brilliant, please share what changes uve could make with the help of x,” said another follower.

And another said to her: “Please share your journey, I am struggling to lose my flabby belly, you look fantastic.”

Charlotte looked stunning in a size 10 “dream dress” as she and her son celebrated the 30th birthday of their partner Matt Sarsfield.

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“Best night to celebrate my Matthew, my Ken, my partner in Crime Bezzie Baby Daddy, and my lover’s birthday,” she wrote.

“Hope you had a belt baby boy !!

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“I can’t believe either that I wore a size 10 dress, the dress of my dreams. I’m very proud of myself and thank you for all of your lovely messages and comments that tell you how good I look.

“I have had to improve my lifestyle and food because of diabetes, but I honestly feel a lot better and fitter for Noah.”

Charlotte was just eight months old when her father was out Collyhurst, died in 1993.

The 28-year-old is known for her down-to-earth and body-conscious Instagram posts and “hugged her jelly belly and tiger stripes after giving birth”.

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