Training Today started last year as a sharp Apple Watch and iPhone app that lets you know when to exercise, how hard to exercise, and when to rest. With an update, the app has received a useful widget for the iPhone, along with more data such as a longer history for heart rate variability and resting heart rate as well as a 10-week readiness to train the course.

Train today uses a unique algorithm based on and read from your heart rate variability (HRV) Apple Watch to determine what it calls Exercise Readiness (RTT).

As we wrote before:

The RTT (Readiness To Train) values ​​are between 1 and 10. Together with your RTT score, the app provides information such as “You are ready for top performance”, “You can push hard”, “Keep it a little easier” and “Give your body some time to recover.”

The new functions with the latest update Add a 10 week chart of your RTT and HRV, and you can add your resting heart rate data too.

The iPhone app has a simple widget that allows you to quickly keep an eye on your RTT.

There is also new support Resources on the Training Today website and there is now one Podcast for the app.

Training today is a Free download With a one-time in-app purchase worth $ 2.99 to unlock all available charts and the iPhone widget Discount of $ 0.99 until February.

Training Today 1.5 full release notes:

New charts and data are now available! With a single in-app purchase, you receive a ten-week basic HRV fitness card with an optional overlay of the resting heart rate (RHR).

So now you can browse your historical RTT (Readiness To Train) data and see how it has changed over time in relation to your activity and physiological state.

Also, we now have a coveted widget to add to your home screen so your RTT score is never far away :).

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