Colson Smith’s appearance has changed dramatically since his first Coronation Street debut in 2011. The 23-year-old has lost tremendous weight in the last year and is documenting his progress on social media. How did he do it?

“The documentary is all about my experiences with running, eating, fitness and weight loss.

“The film is my chance to tell my truth, my way.”

Colson has reportedly lost a whopping 10 stones since the pandemic began.

Speaking to The Sun in April, when the actor was taking a break from Coronation Street, he said, “We’re in direct continuity, but I’ve lost nearly ten stones since we left work, so i’m not sure [my hair] will be the greatest of their problems.

“Maybe I’ll wear a wig and a thick suit when we go back. Now we’re going to a purple shampoo which makes it almost a platinum color that basically removes the ginger pigment.

“So the yellowing will go away and I’ll have a mop of blonde hair which, technically, I’m doing now.”

Colson lost weight thanks to lots of exercise and a brand new eating plan.

He started running at the beginning of last year and continues to do so today, often posting pictures of himself on Instagram before and after the run.

He has described himself as a “complete running freak” even though he was barely able to run at the beginning of his fitness journey.

The actor also credits rowing and weight training at the gym for his weight loss.

As for food, Colson followed a nutritional plan with the help of life coach Rob Brennan.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on the Scottish host’s show earlier this year, he said, “We worked through everything I could to make it as easy as possible.

“So I have my breakfast and lunch delivered and they still come, which means I don’t have to think about cooking, I can just eat.

“And as for the gym, I kept in touch with the gym I went to in Manchester because they have a lot of exercise programs on their app.

“I’ve done a few Joe Wicks PE and then it just makes the best of the situation.”

Colson has emphasized, however, that the same fitness and nutrition plan doesn’t work for everyone – it depends on what an individual likes.

Consistency is the key to losing weight.

The actor told Radio One Newsbeat in June, “I don’t want to be the guy on TV who has lost weight and tells everyone how to do it.

“I see myself as a fat kid who’s tried to change their life and found that doing it yourself, putting yourself first and finding something you enjoy is much easier for yourself – just like I do when I run. “