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Covid-19 has made most of us extremely innovative and desperate.

Nobody wants to get infected with the coronavirus, maybe except for a few who don’t seem to mind given their carefree demeanor.

Aside from wearing face masks, disinfecting, social distancing, and locking ourselves up in our homes to minimize the risk of infection, a good number are literally and figuratively going back to their roots.

The return to the roots has seen more and more people taking herbal formulations and eating healthy foods to not only prevent infection from the coronavirus, but also in case it is positive for the pathogen.

Herbs are generally despised in the country, treated as backward, rustic, and associated with witchcraft. Healthy foods are avoided because they too are treated as backward. They are also avoided because they are not as tasty as modern foods.

However, herbs are usually good for the body, cheaper than modern drugs, and offer holistic treatment. Traditional foods are also good for the body and cheaper than modern ones.

To be fair, traditional remedies and foods have been back in the spotlight for a while now, but there’s no doubt that the Covid-19 outbreak is speeding up that return.

Many of us now steam over herbs like umsuzwane / zumbane / zimbani, guava, mango or gum tree leaves. We also drink ginger, garlic, and lemon preparations more often.

People have been told that the effectiveness of these agents has not been scientifically proven. They understand, but protest that modern medicine, which Umsuzwane and others like her must validate, is not the only science under the sun.

In any case, Covid-19 is a new disease that modern scientists are still trying to understand and for which they still need to find conventional treatment that is safe, more common and accepted.

Of the more than 27,000 people who have been infected in the country since the disease broke out in March 2020, at least 700 people have lost their lives to Covid-19.

It therefore makes sense to use every reasonable weapon against Covid-19, which is why home remedies are becoming increasingly popular.

We encourage our staff to return to the basics that have served us well, and we need to emphasize that we must remember the same importance of modern medicine. Measures such as the correct use of face masks in public places, washing hands with soapy water or an appropriate hand sanitizer, and observing social distancing are essential.

The Vice President, Dr. Constantino Chiwenga, who is also Minister of Health and Child Care, said:
“Someone asked me if traditional drugs like Mufandichimuka, Moringa, Zumbani and other herbs can be used to treat Covid-19 or as a replacement for Covid-19. Some traditional doctors are reported to have claimed that their patients recovered after being given herbs. My comment would be that you may know that some modern medicines are actually made from traditional herbs.

“Yes, it is possible that some traditional medicines could be used to treat Covid-19. However, scientific research must be done to determine its effectiveness.

The Department of Health and Childcare has actually operationalized the Traditional Medicines Department that conducts research in this area. “

It’s comforting that the government recognizes the contribution that Umsuzwane, ginger, garlic, eucalyptus, lemon and other alternative remedies can make in the fight against Covid-19.

Although these alternatives can help suppress Covid-19 in some people, as mentioned earlier, it is important to seek hospital treatment even if you have an infection.

It is possible that home remedies combined with modern medication, face mask, hand hygiene, and social distancing can help.