Vivendi SE’s Universal Music Group has licensed the world’s largest music catalog for the digital fitness app Variis from Equinox Media LLC, which allows users to train at home on hits by Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and the Weeknd.

The deal comes about as the music industry increasingly seeks new partners in social media, video games and fitness that go beyond streaming. The The pandemic has accelerated the growth of fitness apps for the homewho have relied on music as a magnet for live streaming and on-demand courses led by remote teachers – who have become influencers and DJs themselves.

While streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music has increased during the pandemic lockdown, closed music venues, restaurants, and retailers playing music, as well as the break in touring and live shows have weighed on the music business. At the same time, video games, social videos on apps like TikTok, and digital fitness have all increased – each with opportunities that labels, publishers, and other music copyright owners have.

The digital fitness market has picked up speed with the stationary motorcycles from Peloton Interactive Inc., Lululemon Athletica Inc. Purchase of Mirror, Apple Inc.’s Introduction of Fitness +as well as upstarts like Supernatural VR and Hydrow.

Equinox Media launched its Variis mobile app in March, giving Equinox gyms free access to virtual classes while spreading orders across the country and blocking restrictions in cities across the country. It also started selling its SoulCycle home bikes for $ 2,500. In October, Variis became commercially available nationwide to non-members for $ 40 a month.