India started rolling out the second coronavirus vaccination on February 13 for people who received their first shot on January 16. After the vaccination shot, side effects such as pain, inflammation, fever, body pain often occur. etc. Although the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination are temporary, those receiving the vaccine are being pushed away for fear of disease. According to the government report, most recipients of COVID-19 vaccines skipped the second dose. Also read – Coronavirus: Sri Lanka will vaccinate 225 parliamentarians from Tuesday

The two COVID-19 vaccinations, including Covaxin and Covishield, which require a beneficiary to take two doses 28 days apart. Taking a coronavirus vaccine can be tough for people who have a lower pain threshold, according to a TOI report. But you can relieve the pain after vaccination by using a few home remedies. Also read – Maharashtra facing another ban? Alarming rise in COVID-19 cases may take tough steps, Deputy CM warns

– – Ice packs for pain relief at the injection site: An ice pack can help ease the pain and it also works as a natural pain reliever. Ice packs also minimize the risk of medical reactions. Also read – COVID-19: No new cases were reported in 188 districts in the past week, the Department of Health says

– – Ice treatment for rash and swelling: People often complain of rashes or inflammation after vaccination. An ice treatment can minimize rashes and swelling. You can also use Epsom salt baths as it acts as a natural pain reliever.

– – Gilory juice for fever, body pain and fatigue: The TOI report says that gilory juice helps reduce fever if you are not a fan of medications. Drink plenty of water to cure a fever.

Note: Do not consume alcohol for a few weeks after vaccination. Alcohol can affect your immune system and it is best to avoid it.