Oral Clinical Nutrition Supplements: Market Outlook

In the global nutritional supplement market, oral clinical nutritional supplements are becoming increasingly popular due to the increasing public health concerns. In the global health market, the demand for nutritional supplements from the geriatric and aging population is also increasing. Aging brings various health problems due to which a person cannot properly digest many foods. In addition, in the event of a disease, doctors also prescribe oral clinical supplements to meet the patient’s nutritional needs. The demand for oral clinical nutritional supplements is also increasing due to factors such as cognitive well-being, malnutrition, and the demand for healthy nutritional supplements for their proper growth and development due to children. In the global oral clinical dietary supplement market, APAC and Europe hold important shares in oral clinical dietary supplement consumption. Given the growing popular demand for oral clinical nutritional supplements, it is expected that investors will see higher returns on oral clinical nutritional supplements in the coming future.

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The problem of malnutrition is increasing sales of nutritional supplements for oral clinical nutrition

Malnutrition is a common problem that people all over the world face. Despite the availability of screening tools, severe malnutrition in nursing homes, hospitals, and individuals living in their homes throughout the Asia Pacific and many other parts of the world are still going untreated. Globally, less than 45% of patients identified as malnourished receive adequate medical intervention. Malnutrition leads not only to physical but also to psychosocial consequences such as inactivity, apathy, impaired wound healing, impaired immune response, reduced muscle strength and fatigue, self-neglect and depression as such, which leads to a poor quality of life. As a result, nutritional planning has now become a critical aspect of combating malnutrition and such nutritional support can be provided by oral clinical nutritional supplements. Oral clinical nutritional supplements have been shown to be functional, nutritional, clinical and economical for a variety of patient populations in both the community and hospitals. Treatment with high protein oral clinical supplements has shown that overall re-uptake is reduced by 30%, greatly increasing the demand for oral clinical supplements worldwide. In addition, the increasing evidence that oral clinical supplements are effective appetizing and nutritious foods for combating malnutrition is expected to lead to increased demand for oral clinical supplements over the forecast period.

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Availability of a wide variety of flavors increasing the demand for oral supplements for clinical nutrition

Oral clinical supplements are generally prescribed to patients with chronic illnesses or malnourished patients to improve their nutritional status. It has been observed that under any disease, patients tend to lose interest in consuming normal foods as they experience some loss of taste. To combat such a condition, manufacturers of oral clinical nutritional supplements are introducing products in a variety of flavors and shapes. The effect of flavors was notable among the young population, as they are known for their curiosity to try something new. The youth population is also a major driving force in increasing the sales of flavored beverages, which in turn supports sales of flavored oral clinical nutritional supplements. The growing consumer preference for flavored oral clinical nutritional supplements has led manufacturers to invest heavily in research and development. Manufacturers will also focus on earning brownie points by positioning their brands as being shaped by robust research and development. The availability of a wide variety of flavors is beneficial not only to manufacturers, but also to consumers who choose oral clinical nutritional supplements. Flavored oral clinical supplements are a refreshing alternative to traditional unflavored oral clinical supplements, making them easier to use. Hence, the influence of taste on the growth of the oral clinical nutritional supplement market cannot be overlooked.

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Raising awareness of oral clinical food supplements among the young population

Growing concerns about cognitive wellbeing are a major contributing factor to the global oral clinical nutritional supplement market. The young population faces immune health problems such as allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and others, increasing the sales of oral clinical nutritional supplements worldwide. Consumers are becoming more health conscious and prefer to consume gluten-free, sugar-free and fat-free products through their daily diet. Growing consumer concerns about healthy lifestyles have resulted in increased consumption of nutritional ingredients that offer various nutritional and health benefits, resulting in increased sales of oral clinical nutritional supplements from modern retail and other distribution channels. In addition, various international and local players are targeting supermarkets and hypermarkets to sell their oral clinical nutritional supplements. These channels offer improved visibility for oral clinical supplements as well as various special and seasonal discounts to attract buyers and increase sales. Pharmacies / drugstores play an important role in the distribution of oral clinical nutritional supplements. Drug stores are considered to be one of the most important factors influencing consumer buying behavior and decisions about oral clinical nutritional supplements. In countries like India and Bangladesh, most parents prefer to seek suggestions and advice from doctors and pediatricians on how to select and purchase ideal oral clinical nutritional supplements to protect their children from disease and improve their immunity.

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