World Health Day: Is the summer already whetting your appetite? Here are some healthy, weight-loss snack options that you can count on.

World Health Day: Snack on high protein and high fat foods for effective weight loss


  1. World Health Day: These cucumber rollups are high in protein and fat
  2. They can be made quickly and easily
  3. They can be included in weight loss diets

World Health Day 2021: Every year on April 7th, World Health Day is celebrated worldwide. On this special occasion, let’s talk about the importance or healthy snacking and how it can help improve your weight loss goals. In short, the way you eat a snack can meet or break your weight loss goals. Ideally, the snacks you choose should be filled enough to satisfy your hunger during the meal, but not so filling that the appetite for your main meal is satisfied.

World Health Day: Healthy Snacks

Prominent nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently shared the recipe for Cucumber Roll-Ups on Instagram, a delicious, healthy, low-carb snack option to make at home.

Snacks high in protein and fats fill nature. In the summer, a snack option like cucumber roll-ups can help if the appetite is for a toss. Often times, due to the heat, low energy levels, etc., one does not feel like eating or eating.

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“Summer whets your appetite, here these cooling, crispy cucumber rolls come to the rescue. So so so good! Ideal way to drown out worries about the lockdown,” Makhija writes in the headline of her post.

To make these cucumber rolls, you need to slice a cucumber lengthways as shown in the video below.

Now overlap these to form a layer, place on tissue paper and blot off the surface to remove the excess moisture. Add some quark and some sriracha sauce.

Apply a very thin layer of the sauce on the cucumber or it will get too moist. Use a protein of your choice: chicken, paneer, tofu soy, etc. On the other end, add a sliced ​​avocado (or any other source of fat of your choice, like feta cheese) (see video). Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of the avocado.

Roll this up horizontally, secure with toothpicks, and cut small curls. Sprinkle some more sesame seeds and delicious cucumber rollups are ready.

Other healthy snack options include: fruits, baked / boiled sweet potatoes, sprout vegetable salad, egg whites, yogurt, khakra, nut and seed path mix, etc.

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(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, nutritionist and author)

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