The cooperative said the plant-based beverage market is more promising than ever as interest in plant-based foods and beverages grows. She referred to the vegetable protein market, which is now worth nearly 10 billion euros worldwide, with the FAO estimating a 40% increase in global protein demand by 2030.

The sale of plant-based foods also outperforms all food retailers (35% faster than all food retailers).

Laïta said the plant-based trend is challenging for dairy companies. They have to reinvent themselves to be innovative and offer new solutions to their customers. With vegetable proteins, the field of possibilities is huge (soy, lupine, lentils, rice, corn, hemp, etc.).

Laïta Nutrition adds that it offers a complete range tailored to the specific needs of all areas of the nutrition and health sector, from diet and sports nutrition to specialized medical and infant nutrition products. The company currently offers a range of herbal products for clinical nutrition and is developing a herbal formulation for sports nutrition by 2022.

“We are first and foremost a dairy cooperative. However, we have multiple markets and the expertise of our health department lies in the formulation of complex products, ”said M. Lucot, Marketing Manager of Laïta Nutrition.

“We therefore have to examine every available ingredient. As formulators, we have developed strong expertise in adapting to any ingredients. We have worked a lot on the selection of raw materials and are very active in researching new ingredients that can be tested in our formulas. Today we are able to develop formulas that contain vegetable proteins of many origins while maintaining the functional and organoleptic stability of our end products. “

Laïta Nutrition is expanding its range of finished products based on 100% vegetable proteins and opening up new perspectives for innovations to satisfy all types of consumers.