Why a silicone- and paraben-free shampoo, you ask? Corresponding Health line, while silicone and parabens can add a nice shine to your hair, they can dry out and may not work well on a sensitive scalp. In order to meet different hair needs and types, Dove’s new shampoo contains natural ingredients such as pure vegetable oil, which can help keep your hair moisturized and moisturized while giving it a beautiful shine.

Plus, when you lather the shampoo into your hair, the petals, which also contain vegetable oil, dissolve to nourish your hair, wah! You will be mesmerized by the process and the beauty.

In addition, both variants have a light and clear formulation to keep your hair light and airy after washing.

Here’s a closer look at what you can enjoy from each variant:

Pink Moroccan Rose + Botanical Oil
– Formulated with 100% vegetable Moroccan rose oil and rose extract
– Filled with a floral and fruity fragrance
– Moisturizes and regenerates damaged hair
– Suitable for dry or damaged hair

White tea blossom + botanical oil
– Formulated with 100% vegetable cedarwood oil and white tea extract
– Filled with a floral scent and high quality teen notes
– Moisturizes the hair and clarifies the scalp
– Suitable for normal or oily hair