Weight loss is one of the most common New Year resolutions for most people around the world. This is not surprising, however, as losing weight and maintaining a healthy BMI have tons of benefits. Losing weight improves mental health and is a great confidence and mood booster. On the other hand, being overweight is linked to numerous health complications such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Depression, reproductive health complications, and some cancers have also been linked to obesity.

Aside from the health effects, being overweight and obese also have negative effects on people’s social, emotional and economic lives. These include discrimination, lower wages, fewer work and development opportunities, a lower quality of life and high costs for drugs and medical care for obese diseases. Obesity can also limit career options, precluding careers in the military and other disciplined forces that are physically demanding. Workers can find it difficult to keep their jobs due to poor mental and physical health.

Given the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, there are innumerable ways to lose weight. The most common include the inclusion of physical activity and exercise in daily life, diet and portion control, fasting, increasing metabolism through diet and metabolism pills, and the use of diet and thermogenic pills. While all of this work in different ways, the most commonly agreed method for losing weight is to burn more calories than you are consuming. Counting calories is an efficient way to track weight loss and is the science behind most diet plans. However, the challenge with most methods is not losing weight, but losing weight. In most cases, the weight is usually regained in a few months and it becomes a vicious circle. Portion control is a strategy that is becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few reasons why the Sustainable Weight Loss Method works.

It’s natural and healthy.

Portion control does not involve any drugs or chemicals. It uses the body’s natural mechanisms to lose weight. It’s also a healthy choice because the body will lose weight at its own, steady pace. Sudden weight loss can overwhelm the body, leading to health complications such as nutritional deficiencies, gallstones, muscle loss, and decreased metabolism. Portion control also promotes healthy food choices and relationships, and helps ensure that the body receives all of the nutrients it needs in moderation. It’s also a great way to deal with eating disorders as those who follow the regimen will be able to choose what to eat and when.

It’s affordable

Portion control essentially involves choosing a healthy amount of food. It doesn’t require any special foods, just a certain amount of restraint about the amount of food you have eaten. Because of this, it is sustainable because it is economical by using pre-existing items and consuming less.

Not limiting.

When it comes to portion control, there are no specific do’s and don’ts or rules about what to eat at what time. For this reason, they are sustainable as they can be easily integrated into everyday life. They don’t restrict the foods you eat, which can be time consuming and more costly than regular options. Restrictive diets can lead to negative consequences such as binge eating and possibly eating disorders. They also require a great deal of willpower and a high level of stress and discouragement if one is unable to stick to them.

It’s easy to understand and stick with it

Portion control is very easy. Numerous methods can be used, the simplest of which is to use portion control utensils. Other methods, such as measuring ingredients, can easily be done with regular kitchen utensils such as measuring cups and scales.

Great variety of food

Portion control is sustainable for most people as there is an endless variety of foods to choose from. Food can be prepared individually and with so many options there is no boredom or monotony when eating. There are so many resources available that offer portion control and even offer it ready-made Food delivery diets. Whether diabetic, vegan, vegetarian or other, there is something for everyone, depending on your preferences.

It can easily become a lifestyle.

Portion controlled diets take getting used to and can easily be adapted as a lifestyle instead of fashion diets. If you stick to it, it will be a lot easier to keep the weight off.