Premature gray hair can be a real nightmare, but you can reverse the process and prevent it. Find out how!

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Do you have gray hair in your 20s? Here are 3 simple home remedies to reverse premature graying

Regardless of age, signs of silver lining popping out of your hair can cause a minor panic attack. Accepting it in your early 20s is pretty much a disaster. While we can blame genetics for appearance to some extent, they’re not the only reason behind whites and grays in your hair. Gray isn’t always a sign of wisdom, sometimes it’s just the way your body reacts to unhealthy diets, stress, pollution, and poor water quality.

If you freak out and stand in front of the mirror plucking out the shades of gray one by one, this is what you should know. Premature gray is not normal, but it can be reversed. The change in hair color may be due to vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune diseases that cause melanin loss, excessive use of chemical dyes, shampoos, etc.

Here we bring you 3 easy home remedies to fight the grays!

Although there are many chemical remedies and hair dyes in the market, they come with a list of side effects and a pocket burning bill. Natural remedies cannot be trusted for any side effects, and consistent use can show beneficial results.

Amla and coconut oil

Indian gooseberries are ideal for reversing premature gray hair thanks to their antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Amla has the ability to reverse pigmentation and make your hair darker.

  • Let the amla pieces dry under the sun
  • Make them powdered and heat in coconut oil
  • Apply the mixture well to your scalp
  • Rinse off after 15-20 minutes

Repeat the process every two weeks for better results.

Coffee and black tea mixture

However, if you consume too much black tea and coffee, your teeth can become darker. Why not use it? Then your hair will get darker? Not only do they fight premature gray streaks, but they also improve hair elasticity, making it smooth and shiny.

  • Put 2 tablespoons of coffee and 2 black tea bags in boiling water
  • Cool the mixture and apply it to your hair thoroughly
  • Rinse with lukewarm water

You can use it to brush your hair as well Prepare every day before the bath.

Curry leaves and yogurt

Curry leaves protect your curls from all of their enemies. The proteins and beta-carotene delay the appearance of gray hair and strengthen the follicles to keep them healthy.

  • Take 1: 1 ratio of curry leaves and yogurt
  • And make it a thick paste
  • Massage the scalp and apply it down the length of your hair
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off later

Gray hair can affect your confidence and personal happiness. But with care and consistent treatment of your hair with natural means, you can get things back to normal. Daily scalp massage with hot ghee can also work wonders!

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