Amy Halterman’s Weight Loss was a huge inspiration to 1000 pound fans. Sisters. How People Magazine reminds us the new mom started season 2 of the series 124 pounds lighter. She had successfully had weight loss surgery. And she was pregnant with her first child. Getting pregnant was a dream come true for Amy. She and Michael had dreamed of having children together. But because of her weight, she wasn’t sure if it was a dream she could ever achieve.

Obviously it was terrifying to get pregnant so soon after having weight loss surgery. Amy made it through her high-risk pregnancy, however. She gave birth to a beautiful boy named Gage on November 10, 2020.

Now we have already reported on the inspiration for the name Amy and Michael Halterman, who were chosen for their son Gage. The 1000 lb. sister star reached out to reveal that the outlets misspelled their son’s middle name. We have of course revised our spelling of his name. And we left the line of communication open if Amy wanted to answer a few questions for fans now that the season was over!

We respected her contract with TLC and asked Amy if she had any weight loss advice for her fans.

Amy Halterman offers weight loss advice to fans

It turns out one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is setting goals that are too big and unrealistic. Amy Halterman told us to “go pound for pound”. However, she made it clear that there was nothing wrong with setting bigger goals. But these smaller goals really seem to help people move on.

“I can set a big goal for myself, but say, hey, I want to lose 5 pounds this week.” She went on to explain.

Fans feared pregnancy would slow their progress

1000 lb. Sisters Fans feared Amy Halterman would get more or less distracted from her pregnancy and stop shedding pounds. However, it seemed like Amy’s doctors stayed above her for failing to conceive, which resulted in her deviating too far from her diet. Fans who have seen Amy in public and taken a picture agree that Amy looks great. You can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, Michael and your beautiful son.

Do you think Amy is right about setting smaller, more realistic weight loss goals? Are you going to give her weight loss advice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And stay with us for the latest 1000 pounds. Sisters news.

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