Vadodara: When 35-year-old Rajesh Patel (name changed) landed at her clinic with a serious infection in her nose, she was surprised. Patel’s throat was burned and his nasal lining was badly damaged. When asked, Patel informed Dr. Parita Pandya Shah said he had been drinking scalding “ukalo” (a mixture of herbs) for the past few weeks to boost his immunity.
“Having too much hot herbal mixture burned his throat. I had almost 75 operations for mucormycosis during the second wave of Covid and most of the patients had tried one or the other home remedy. Many of these mucormycosis patients had lemon juice squeezed into their noses because they believed it would prevent the virus from entering their bodies through their noses, ”said Shah, an ENT doctor.
“The lemon juice actually continued to expose her to the infection. Lemon contains citric acid, which damages the lining of the lining and allows the virus to enter the body through the nose. Some of my patients even stuck black pepper up their noses, ”Shah told TOI. Doctors said that both Covid and non-Covid patients try different home remedies, which they read on either WhatsApp or a website.
People think such home remedies are harmless and could prevent Covid, but end up in the doctor’s office. Shah treated many patients who had burns in their throats from excessive gargling with hot water or excessive consumption of “ukalo”.
“The majority of the cases I treat are stomach ulcers and hyperacidity due to excessive consumption of ‘kadha’. Both Covid and non-Covid patients had too much hot ‘kadha’ which not only caused stomach pain but also burns in the throat, “said Dr. Pankaj Gupta from Vadodara, consulting doctor, MD (medicine). Gupta added that such experiments do more harm to people who have already been infected with the coronavirus.
The doctor Dr. Bhavesh Patel had encountered many such cases. “I have treated many patients who have had side effects including ulcers from excessive use of ‘Ukalo’. Some even had frequent vomiting. Such home remedies are used in excess due to anxiety to prevent Covid. People can opt for such Ayurvedic remedies, but they should first see a doctor and take the doses under medical supervision. Please don’t believe in WhatsApp messages, ”said Patel.
“People also suffer from life threatening stomach ulcers as they consume different types of ‘ukalo’ to boost their immunity. Excessive consumption of such herbal mixtures has many side effects. People shouldn’t rely on relayed messages and always see a doctor instead of trying home remedies in excess, ”said Dr.