Ring Fit Adventure is hands down the best fitness game on the Nintendo Switch Granted, and despite all of the features in the game designed to keep you occupied over time, even Ring Fit Adventure will get a little repetitive over time. The folks at Tarzan, a Japanese fitness magazine, know this, that’s why You have put together a list the top 5 tips on how to play the game in a way that maximizes the fun. It’s time to wipe the RingCon controller and try Ring Fit Adventure again!

Murata’s words, a member of the Tarzan’s editorial team, were translated from Japanese using Chrome’s built-in translation feature, so the following tips may not sound exactly the same in the original text. An example of the direct translation as it appeared: “This time we would like to introduce ‘5 Tips to Enjoy’ by Murata who is the hottest adventurer on the editorial board of ‘Tarzan’.” This likely meant Murata is the keenest Ring Fit Adventure player, but who knows? Murata could smoke hot.

Without further ado, here are the top five Ring Fit Adventure tips from Tarzan’s Murata.

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Don’t be too intense

When you load the game, Ring Fit Adventure will check how you are feeling, and most importantly, how you felt after the last session. Was it too difficult? Too simple? You don’t have to be a macho, if the training load was too high, you can decrease the intensity. As Murata recommends, staying “humble” by not overestimating your physical strength can help prevent injury.

Don’t go hard or go home: you’re already at home, so you might as well make some steady workout easier.

Ring Fit Adventure

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You don’t have to play every day

It takes time to build habits. According to Murata-san, “It takes two months for fitness to become a habit”. And while Ring Fit Adventure is a fun way to introduce frequent exercise into your life, overdoing it can cause you to give it up too soon. There are 23 “Adventure Worlds” in the game, which means it will take three months to finish the game after playing 30 minutes a day. Extend this, for example, by playing 2-4 times a week: this way the game can easily stay relevant for up to six months.

Include real upgrades

In Ring Fit Adventure, you can improve your avatar (and your stats) by dressing them up with special clothing such as a bandana Running shoes, scarce and so on. You can apply the same principle in real life: Tarzan recommends wearing training shorts for added comfort Protein powder shakes to rest and use Yoga matespecially if your house has hard floors. We can’t say more!

Ring Fit Adventure

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Make sure you are ready for the right battles

In the game, certain opponents are colored differently, as are different types of exercises. Before each phase, the game recommends which exercises to “equip” as you only have a limited amount of them in your arsenal at any given time. This feature is very useful as it adds variety to Ring Fit Adventure workouts and makes you think strategically about which muscle areas you are targeting each time.

Not only do you want to get your practice game right, but you also want to further increase your chances of winning by drinking the right smoothies before appropriate battles. In the game, you can buy colored smoothies that follow a pattern similar to exercises and enemies: yellow smoothies increase your yellow practice power, making it easier to defeat yellow enemies. Dead easy.

Keep track of your efforts

Even if you are using Ring Fit Adventure lose weightYou may not see instant results after a few gaming sessions. If you don’t want to lose motivation, check out the exercise log function which is where you can find all of the workout data from your previous sessions. Just like we recommend wearing one Running watch or Fitness tracker To keep you motivated to go out and exercise, the exercise protocol in Ring Fit Adventure fulfills a similar role. It’s always nice to see how much effort you put in to get fit!

Get ready for 2021!

This is part of T3 Fit for 2021 Program that will run through 2021 to keep everyone fit and healthy. We would like to give you tips on diet, lifestyle and exercise that will help you prepare for what will certainly be a challenging year for many. We can guarantee one thing: it will be better than last year. And hopefully we’ll help you get the most of it.

Source: Nintendo Life.

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