A woman who has lost more than five stones has said she is looking forward to shopping for her dream wedding dress once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Bianca Young, 35, said she was “shocked” when she found her starting weight in July 2019 and “getting started is always the hardest part”.

“I started my weight loss journey at 15 stone 13 pounds. I have to tell you that I was so shocked to see this weight, but I’ve now dropped to 10 stone 11 pounds. That’s a total weight loss of five stone two pounds.

“I was a size 18 to 20 in the beginning and I am now a size 10 to 12.”

Bianca will marry long-time love David Boyle (34) this June and said: “I haven’t got my dress yet because the restrictions of Covid-19 meant I hardly had a chance to go shopping.

“Still, I’m very happy about the marriage and I love the wedding planning so far. I can’t wait to discover and try on new wedding dress styles that I would never have looked at before. After losing weight, I feel like I have more options for my dress and being able to find the perfect dress for my perfect day makes it even more exciting. “

Bianca, of Blackrock, Co Louth, said she adjusted to Slimming World’s dietary recommendations.

She found daily walks and “not being too hard on yourself” helped her “keep body and mind in harmony during Covid”.

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