Nutrition Dispensary has partnered with Precision Nutrition to launch a corporate coaching program that provides nutritional and health advice to real estate professionals.

The Toronto-based Nutrition Dispensary has theirs Nutritional coaching program for companies Supplied in collaboration with Precision Nutrition. The program provides health, fitness and lifestyle coaching to brokers and real estate professionals across Canada.

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The newly launched corporate coaching program provides a path to optimal health for real estate professionals who struggle to maintain a healthier lifestyle due to the often stressful nature of their careers.

A successful career in the real estate industry can involve busy schedules, heavy selling pressures, and other stressors. These could encourage uncontrolled weight gain, poor eating habits, and unhealthy sleeping habits. The result of these influences often goes beyond personal health and can negatively impact performance and motivation, ultimately affecting career opportunities and income.

Precision Nutrition’s corporate coaching program is designed to address the root causes of negative influences resulting from professional stress for real estate professionals. The program runs for a period of 16 weeks and is conducted remotely with minimal disruption to a participant’s schedule.

Customers can expect bi-weekly one-on-one sessions with a Precision Nutrition certified coach who uses a methodology called “Deep Health Coaching” in his training approach. The methodology provides personalized advice on diet, exercise, sleep patterns and general lifestyle choices that help clients find the most suitable solutions for them.

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Nutrition Dispensary is owned by a certified Canadian nutritionist that offers personalized nutritional evaluation and advice, healthy recipes, valuable nutritional information and personally selected, professional nutritional supplements for your unique health benefits. With this introduction, the company will also act as the exclusive reseller of Precision Nutrition’s corporate coaching program to the broker community.

A spokesperson said, “The Enterprise Coaching Program is a research-based program designed exclusively for real estate agents. Employers can use them to profoundly influence the job performance, emotional health, and general well-being of their employees and agents. The program offers a solution that will help people lose weight, increase their self-confidence and reach their highest potential. “

Further details on the partnership between Nutrition Dispensary and Precision Nutrition can be found in the introductory video available on YouTube: Introduction of Precision Nutrition Enterprise Coaching in the real estate industry

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